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What Keeps A Dictator Regular?

thumbs up 3Guess what Saddam Hussein’s favorite breakie cereal was?  No silly, not Fruit Loops or Crunchy Nut…..gun fire drum roll please …. it was Raisin Bran Crunch.


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Saddam’s Butt Up For Sale

Remember the moment  the statue of Saddam Hussein was unceremoniously ripped from it’s plinth during the US led invasion of Iraq in 2003? Well an elite SAS regiment soldier, Nigel “Spud” Ely, was there and he retrieved a 2ft piece of Saddam’s butt using a hammer and crowbar. Now he’s auctioning as a “war relic art” in England and it could be yours. Might look good in the garden!

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How Obsolete Could They Be?

A bit of spit and polish should do the trick!

A bit of spit and polish should do the trick!

If anyone is looking for Saddam Hussein’s jet fighters, stop, they have been found in Serbia! The Iraqi Defence ministry  believes the 19 jets  were sent to Serbia for a service and oil change some 20 years ago. Hmm, but unfortunately they got caught up in that little embargo hiccup in 1990, following the invasion of Kuwait.Bummer. Now the jets are little more than nuts and bolts.Despite this, the Iraqi officials say they could still be critical in helping the “country take responsibility for its own defence”. Iraqi delegates are believed to be on their way to Belgrade to negotiate the return of the jets but the Serbian officials are literally saying “good luck with that” as the planes have all but been cannibalised, abandoned and useless (sounds like they’d be perfect for Iraq). Hmm, wouldn’t happen to be anything to do with the fact they were all Soviet built would it?

Psst I hope they come with instruction manuals!

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