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Has Anyone Seen The Baby?

Awks is when you go on hols and suddenly can’t find your 6 month old baby only to discover he is locked in the hotel safe. More awks is when the child abuse unit claims the bub was too young to crawl into the safe by itself. Incredible awks is when you flee the hotel (with baby in tow) and police along the New York/Canada border are told to be on the lookout for you. I’m guessing it was all a terrible joke misunderstanding.


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Not So Safe

Man stuck in safe after a dareOh for the love of stupidity, a man who was partying in a vacant store in Toronto got himself stuck in a safe after he was dared to get in it.  He was eventually cut out after firefighters were called. Yes, he was drunk, eh.


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Pinch of Salt

Honey, they have given it the all clear

Japan officials have announced that the Fukishima nuclear plant is finally stabilized. No seriously, they did. Mr Noda said “The nuclear reactors have reached a state of cold shutdown and therefore we can now confirm that we have come to the end of the accident phase of the actual reactors,”. See. Hmm, I would still hold off buying a house anywhere friggin near it!!!

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OK ladies,  those ThighMasters must really work. An Asian woman waltzed into a Doncaster shop in South Yorks and waddled out with a safe between her legs in a daring robbery. The CCTV shows 5 gang members distracting the staff while the woman enters a restricted area of the shop, changes out of her pants into a skirt and places the safe between her legs before struggling to walk out. The safe contained £30,000 in cash and gold jewelry.

Want sauce with that?


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Stealing A Safe 101

Oh, of all the dumbass things to do!!! Two fools tried to steal a safe from a shop in Springwood, Queensland, by tying it to their car but lost it when they tried to do a u-turn! The two thieves used ropes to haul the hefty safe out of the Coffee House and were doing pretty good until they decided to do a u-ee and the friggin thing flew into a ditch. To make matters worse, a passerby spotted the beat up safe and contacted police before the crooks could get their act together and return.

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One Girls Dream is Another Girls Nightmare

American sailor Abby Sunderland (16), who was attempting to beat Jessica Watson’s record for being the youngest person to sail around the world unassisted, is missing in high seas. Her emergency beacon was manually activated yesterday and there are now grave fears for her safety. A Qantas jet flew out of Perth early this morning to help in the search to locate the yacht which is in the middle of the friggin Southern Indian Ocean battling swells of up to 9m and winds of 90km/h. The family believe her yacht may have flipped upside down.

UPDATE Everyone stop panicking, Abby has made contact and it seems she is OK.

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