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The Gayest City In The US Is ….

You were going to say San Francisco, New York  or LA weren’t you? Wrong! It’s Salt Lake City.

Psst Orlando (Florida), Cambridge (Massachusetts), Fort Lauderdale (Florida) and Seattle were next on the list.


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Homeless Man Inherits a Fortune

Max Melitzer is one damn lucky homeless man. He’ll be packing up his shopping trolley and ditching the cardboard box for the good life. He’s just inherited a shit load of money from his brother. A private investigator has been searching the streets and abandoned storage sheds around Salt Lake City looking for Max to tell him, the good news.

Psst I hope his brother isn’t Nigerian?

Want sauce with that?


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What would you do if you tore the knee in your new pants and didn’t want to get in trouble by your parents? Well, if you were a 14 year old kid from Salt Lake City, that’s a grazing by a bullet! Yep, the boy reported he had been hit by a bullet to avoid the wrath of his folks.

Want sauce with that?


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Don’t Tell Mom


Oh for goodness sakes, sure you expect a knife wielding teenager to beg the clerk not to call the police after he fails in his robbery attempt. But honey, you lose all self respect when you also beg him not to tell your mom too. The teen allegedly slid behind the counter at a Maverik store in Salt Lake City and attempted to hold the knife to the clerk’s neck but he was too slow and the clerk kaboomed him to the floor. That’s when the teen  pleaded with the clerk not to call the cops or tell his mom. He was last scene fleeing the scene on foot….wee,wee, wee all the way home.

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I Think It Is Time For A Change

A fetish one must not encourage!

A fetish one must not encourage!

OK, I am all for individuality and I don’t even mind the crazy barefoot dude who barks at passing traffic from his bike but “diaper boy”, give me a break. Diaper boy is some strange sex offender in Salt Lake City who gets off showing little kids his diaper. Yeah, yeah he wears a friggin diaper. Despite the guy being arrested over 5 times, criminal charges have yet to stick because he hasn’t actually exposed his genitals.Urgh, his latest arrest came after he began passing out photo’s of adults and children wearing diapers. Hmm, good luck with that!

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