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A Little Extreme

Man blames samurai attack on missing can of shrimpA man who went all ninja with a samurai sword told police he was pissed at his mother’s boyfriend for accusing him of stealing a can of shrimp. Well, who wouldn’t be?

Psst Florida


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Sorry, We Thought It Was A Samurai Sword

I’m so sorry sir, but I thought the white cane you were holding was a sword, if I knew you were just blind I would never have tasered you. Awkward. Police in England have apologized to a blind man who they tasered after they received reports of someone walking around Chorley with a samurai sword. The poor man, who never saw it coming, thought he was being mugged by thugs.

Psst The real samurai carrying dude was later arrested


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Man Kills Policewoman with Samurai Sword

When a man  from central France was refused a gun license  he returned a little while later with a samurai sword to show them just how right they were. The man killed a policewoman and injured two others with the 32 inch weapon.

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Ugly Brea

Hmm, the re-runs of Ugly Betty just got a whole lot more fun, now that I can play “spot the mom killing actor”. Yes, Micheal Brea, who had a small part in the TV series Ugly Betty has been arrested for allegedly lobbing his mom’s head off with a samurai sword. Witness say they heard him shouting “repent, repent, repent” before stab, stab, chop. Hmm, I wonder if he’ll get a cell next to Power Ranger Skylar Deleon?



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Gone Postal

Could there  be anything worse than an ex postal worker with a samurai sword? Sheez, I don’t know,  might want to ask the poor deli clerk who was confronted by the angry katan-style samurai sword wielding Michael Burr. The deli clerk was just minding his own beeswax when the former postal worker came in and began swinging the sword around.  Burr eventually fled the scene and ran back home where a five hour standoff with the Washington SWAT team ensued. The drama ended when a canister of tear gas was shot through his window. Burr had recently been suspended from his US postal Service job.


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