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Don’t Expect Santa Any Time Soon

You better not cry. The remains of Saint Nicholas aka Santa have been discovered in Turkey. Yes, his tomb has been discovered under an ancient church. No word on the fate of the reindeers. On the bright side, you don’t have to worry about being naughty this Christmas, Santa is dead….just saying.

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Domino’s Little Helpers

 Want pizza in Japan during winter? Well you can AND have it delivered by a reindeer. Trials are underway in Hokkaido to train reindeer to deliver Domino pizzas. It is so going to happen  as soon as they work out how to get them to behave and how to attach the delivery boxes securely on their backs . Good luck with that, pizza maybe cold.


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Santa’s Little Helper


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December 10, 2015 · 4:56 am

It Really Is Santa

Watch what happened when  a little deaf girl sat on Santa’s knee….


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This Is What Happens When You Are Naughty Kiddies

OK, note to the good people of Aberdare in Wales. When the Welsh Parade concludes please don’t arrange for Santa to be escort away in the back of a police riot van. Evidently, the little kiddies went hysterical thinking Santa had been arrested. One tearful snowflake cried ‘Santa can’t bring me toys now,’

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Is That You Santa?

I’m guessing the Aussie Santa was naughty this year. A post office in Melbourne was robbed by Santa. Yes, he had a red suit and a bushy white beard. The staff intially thought Santa was going to hand out candy but he wanted them to fill his sack full of money. He fled in a Jeep.

Hey Santa,  Rudolph is missing!!!

Sucked in!!!


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Top Santa Requests

Top Santa requestsOh dear, how sad. A survey conducted this year at two British stores revealed the most common  requests made by children at Christmas  included  a new baby sibling or a father.


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Bah, humbug!

Those friggin little elves forgot to pay for parking.

Santa gets a ticket


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Snow Fall Trailer

Ho Ho 7


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Santa Christmas Massacre

What has the world come to? On Christmas day a man in Dallas dressed up as Santa, watched his family open all their presents and then opened fire on them all before making  911 call. When police arrived they found a pile of unwrapped presents and the bodies of seven people including Santa. Sad.


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