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Australia’s Next Top Model Farce

Holy friggin catwalk catfight Batman.Did Foxtel Manipulate the Australia’s Next Top Model results? Seems Edwina McCann the editor of Harper’s Bazaar thinks so. She is accusing Foxtel of changing last night’s results. It is rumored they kept the voting lines open a little longer in the hope of getting Amanda over the line. After naming Kelsey as the winner, Sarah Murdoch, embarrassingly stopped the celebrations to announce there had been a mix-up. Amanda “apparently” won, thanks to three extra votes. Evidently, Murdoch heard nothing through the earpiece but was going from what she had been given on a card earlier. Awkward.


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Australia’s Next Top Flop

OMG, blahahahah, awkward. Australia’s Next Top Model finale turned into an all out embarrassing live TV F*** up, after Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong winner. With the crowd going berserk and Kelsey Martinovich’s parents jumping out of their seats, an extremely embarrassed Sarah Murdoch was left having to stop the celebrations to announce she had named the wrong winner… it was really Amanda Ware.

Psst Hmm, I wonder if this was staged? Seems words out that Harper’s Bazaar mag had already posted a congrats to  Amanda at 4.51pm!!!! The show finale wasn’t until 7.30pm. Hello, did the votes really count? Were  people  paying 50 cents to vote for nothing?  I suspect the modeling agencies and the magazines have more influence than the general public!

Was it rigged?


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