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First Wives Club

A Saudi woman went all fatwa on her hubby after he took another wife. On the night of hubby’s second wedding she got her brother to drive hubby’s car back and forth through red lights (which had cameras) and racked up $80,000 worth of fines. Happy wedding you bastard….


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Women Airbrushed From IKEA Catalogues

OK, firstly, I had no idea that Saudi had IKEA stores. Secondly , I had no idea they had airbrushed out all women from their catalogues. Ouch. The Swedish flatpack specialists have since apologized saying they are committed to “gender equality”. Dah, because it’s the women who are friggin  left to assemble their damn products. Sheez!!!


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So That’s Why You’re Single!

I'm thinking eHarmony!

OK here’s the thing daddy, can you quit scaring off  eligible bachelors , I’m a desperate 42 year old surgeon for godness sakes! The Saudi women is currently suing her dad, who also happens to be her male guardian, because he is forcibly keeping her single. Could it be because her nice hefty salary goes directly into his bank account? I think so.


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Let The Children Play!

What a wonderful world!

WTF is going on? Firstly a 12 year old Saudi girl has withdrawn her petition for divorce from her 80 year old hubby after the girl’s father arranged the marriage in exchange for a dowry of $25,443. No reason for the sudden change of heart but I am guessing she ain’t got nowhere else to go! And then just as I regained my composure, kaboom! There is a 9 year old girl in China who just gave birth to a baby boy. Can someone please explain?


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