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Baby Poo Sausages

Ooh yummy. Scientists in Italy believe chomping on sausages containing bacteria from baby poo could be good for your health.  I will leave you with that thought.


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Prick With A Fork

Yes, OK, I have posted this photo before but it always makes me LOL. For those who are a little slow, Ainsley is also holding a fork.


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Bangers and Mash


Oh for goodness sakes people, if you are going to make an explosive belt use something a little more threatening than sausages. A 23 year old Chinese man named He was eating a meal in a restaurant when he suddenly jumped up, grabbed the owner’s daughter, placed a knife to her neck and demanded money.The diners and the restaurateur overpowered the man and called police, but when they arrived He revealed he was wearing an explosive belt. Enter bomb explosive experts who determined the device was actually made up of sausages. Hmm, worth a try I guess.


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