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Hair Raising

hairA woman saved her friend from a death plunge by grabbing her hair as she leapt from a bridge. The poor lass was left dangling above a busy road as her mate hung on tight to her locks. Fortunately a passer-by saw the drama unfold and rushed to help pull the woman back over the railing.


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Benjy The Gay Bull Saved From Becoming a Handbag


He was gay?

Holy feather duster Tinkerbell, Benjy, the gay bull from Ireland has been saved from the slaughterhouse by gay and animal rights campaigners. Poor Benjy, who was having his way with other bulls, was sent to the chopping block because he was basically useless with the female folk. Anywho, word got out about Benjy’s plight and thanks to a crowd funding campaign Benjy is now tripping the light fantastic at an animal sanctuary.


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That’s Using Your Finger

A quick thinking New York cop saved himself from a bullet by wedging his finger between the gun hammer and cylinder after a man put a revolver to his stomach. Yeah, OK, he got his ring finger broken for his troubles but he avoided his own funeral. Bravo Sergeant Michael Miller.

Want sauce with that?


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Piano On The Sandbar Finds A Home

OMG, remember that baby grand suck on a sandbar in Florida? Yeah well some musician hired a team to rescue the damn thing. Carl Bentulan said his son pressured him into saving the sorry excuse for a musical instrument, after it was discovered all alone on a sandbar. Ironically the real owners of the piano, the Harrington family, rolled up to retrieve it on the very same day. Snap! Seems threats of massive fines was a great motivator. They told reporters they had placed the former movie prop on the sandbar after it was set alight at a New Year’s Eve Party. Poor friggin thing! Anywho, they were surprised as anyone to discover it was already gone. Meanwhile back at the Bentulan’s house, they say it’s shit and far too gone to ever play music again BUT they plan to make it a decoration in their living room!!!! Really? Maybe in a corner?

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Bouncing Baby Girl

Oh shit!

OMG, imagine an 18 month old baby falling from a seventh floor apartment in Paris and surviving? No loons, it wasn’t the dog shit that broke her fall, it was a cafe awning…gosh! As the little bub plummeted from the apartment, a passerby , who happened to be a doctor, caught her as she bounced off the awning…tada!

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I’m Under The Friggin Snow!

Shit, where's 9 on the friggin key pad?

So who’s the luckiest damn hiker alive? That will be the man who used his cell phone to ring 911 from under a pile of snow. The unnamed hiker was swept under by an avalanche but managed to call for help. Despite dispatcher and police being unable to call him back on the phone, the sheriffs department were able to use the cell tower and his description of where he was to eventually locate him four hours later.

Psst I wonder how long before he’ll be  doing a TV commercial for the cell phone company…I’m just saying!

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