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Scammers Got Scammed

Listen and learn young loons, writing thousands of death threats and sending them to yourself is no way to go through life. A couple in Australia who worked in the health department sent themselves death threats to get indefinite time off work. While scoring paid leave they went on interstate trips and lived a carefree existence whilst their employer had the privilege of paying for it. The fake threats totalled over 80,000 and included bloodstained parcels, nasty letters and crude phone calls over a two year period. Some of the parcels contained stained children’s clothing and were sent to their kids at school. The health department even put them up in an apartment so they didn’t have to stay at their home. Unfortunately for the hubby and wife, the cops smelled a rat and came up with a sneaky plan to catch them out. They snuck into the couple’s apartment and marked a stack of letters and envelopes with a special invisible ink. Too easy. The next letter handed to police had them busted.

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Like Selling Ice To Eskimos

Way to go Tesco and Asda, they have come up with a brilliant scam. Sell the public bottled tap water but don’t mention the fact on the label. Yes, the sneaky little British shopping chains are filtering water from the mains water then plonking them in plastic bottles and selling them for 17p (50 cents) for a 2 litre bottle. That’s cheap you say? Hmm, well if you just turned on your tap at home and filled an empty bottle it would cost you a third of a penny for basically the exact same thing. Plus you wouldn’t have to friggin cart it home. In an even smarter move the chains have placed the water on shelves right next to Evian and Perrier.

Psst Dear god, if they did it in Australia, odds would be it be it came from recycle sewage water.

Want sauce with that?


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Cheapest Way To Get A Boob Job

Of all the low down rotten genius things to do, an Arizona woman faked having breast cancer so she could get herself a nice big pair of fake breasts.  She told her co workers and family she had breast cancer, which would require a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery that she couldn’t afford . So of course everyone rallied around her, fund raising and donating money. A few months later she had her nice new tits. Sadly, her scam only unraveled when she rocked up to work and couldn’t provide a doctor’s note for her medical leave. A little bit of investigative work and she was sprung. So close.

Want sauce with that?


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Carpool Fail

Oh for crying out loud mister, if you are trying to scam police by driving in the high occupancy vehicle (carpool) lane with a blow up doll dressed up to look like a passenger,don’t even bother to put a cap on it’s head to cover up the cup holder because pissed off motorists WILL dob you in. WTF, blow up dolls  have friggin cup holders on their heads? I have read this story 5 times and still, WTF, cup holder?????

Want confusion with that?

Because you asked FF, because you asked ….




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Anything Including Nigeria Is a Friggin Warning Sign

Kidnapped? Don't panic sweetie I'll contact Interpol!

Oh for crying out loud, how many times do I have to tell you, stop sending money to your online girlfriend, she doesn’t friggin exist! A Naperville man is in disbelief after having sent his online girlfriend around $200,000 (over 2 and a half years) to her …wait for it….bank accounts in Nigeria, Malaysia, England and the United States. Oh hello…NIGERIA!!!!!  Hint, hint!!!! The whole ruse was uncovered when he contacted police asking for help to rescue her after she had been kidnapped in London. Oh boy, the police  eventually had to break the bad news to him … hey mate,  she doesn’t exist anymore and neither does you money. Sheez, a Russian bride would have been cheaper!

Psst Oh yeah, and that photo you have of her, chuck it, it’s from a friggin sample driver’s license from Florida.


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My, what big manboobs you have my dear?

I'm a lesbian!!!!!!!

You know what I hate? When you marry the man of your dreams and he won’t have sex with you even after 6 months of marriage AND then you discover he is a she! I really friggin hate that. Minati Khatua from India discovered the truth when she walked in on hubby Sitakant Routray taking a bath. Seems all the blah blah blah about celibacy for religious reasons was a crock of shit. Routray was more than likely trying to get her greedy mitts on the dowry. Routray was last seen speeding off in a car bought through loans in Ms Khatua’s name. Bitch!


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See, This Is The Reason Why Gullible Isn’t In The Dictionary

Nancy Marks

OK, here’s the thing gullible fools, if a psychic tells you your money is friggin evil and cursed, don’t be giving it to her for disposal. Nancy Marks, a so called psychic, has been busted after a whistle blower blew her scam. The fraudster told her clients that malicious spirits were haunting their bank accounts and only she could deal with the evil shits. People who failed to complied were told terrible things would befall their family members.  It is estimated that Ms Marks scammed over $290,000 off her victims.


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The Wedding Scammer

The wedding was amazing but the honeymoon is pretty much over. Joanne Kent stole £470,000 to fund her dream wedding. She hired every room of a spectacular hotel, organized fireworks on the beach and bought Armani bracelets for guests all compliments of her employers Wilson UK Ltd. The scam was only discovered after the bride slipped up with the wrong currency on a transaction. Damn! The company admit if she  hadn’t forgotten to change the transaction from stirling to US dollars  they would have never uncovered the scam (ooh that’s gotta hurt). Anywho, Joanne Kent will be spending the next 2 years behind bars. No ruling yet on whether she will be forced to pay the money back. Unfrigginbelievable.

Psst Well at least she has an amazing wedding album to show her two kids when they grow up!


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The Old Scamming Purchase Point Trick!

Here’s the thing websites that don’t have sufficient protections in place, you will get scammed. Two men, Ken Muranaka and Kensaku Ohara (of non- Nigerian backgrounds), reserved up to 28,000 rooms via a popular Japanese shopping site Rakuten.co.jp to earn purchase reward points. The problem was they never turned up, they simply reserved the rooms and got their points! The duo earned hundreds of thousands of yen worth  every week by just making fake reservations and then using the points to purchase games, CD’s and even the occasssional hotel room ! Simply brilliant. Well, that is,  if you didn’t get caught!


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