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Escalatorville Horror

After a woman in China got eaten up by an escalator last week after she fell through the footplate, shoppers have been doing everything to avoid the same fate.

The video of the killer escalator

The video of scared shoppers



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Dog brings home human legYou know what I hate? When your dog comes home with a human leg in its mouth. I really friggin hate that! The poor 93 year old man from Washington couldn’t believe his eyes when his pooch Liberty came bounding home with his latest find, a human leg. In a state of panic he took the leg and buried it in the backyard because  “I didn’t want to have to go to the pen for something I didn’t do.” When he told his daughter she rang police and well, they brought in sniffer dogs to locate the rest of the body.


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How to Scare A Ghost

Rotting body scared away ghostA family in India left a dead body rotting in their house to ward off ghosts. Shame it didn’t ward off the neighbors, who , having put up with  the stench for months, finally reported them to authorities. When police searched the house they found the decomposing body of a women in an upstairs room. Seems the entire family suffers from severe psychological problems so when their father and brother died some bright spark told them it was probably a ghost that scared them to death and the only way to stop the ghost was to leave a body in the house. So as fate would have it, when their sister died they left her in the house for 10 months. Terrible smell but no ghost. Happy Halloween Loons


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What Scares Stephen King?

Evidently his mother-in-law.

Want sauce with that?


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Boo Baby Red Panda

Poor little critter got the beejezus scared out of him by an enormous welly boot . Silly little thing!!!


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Baffled Baby

This kind of creeped me out a little . OK, a lot!!!!


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Dog Freaks Out Over Julia Roberts

There is one pooch who ain’t falling for the whole pretty woman thing….


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What Scared The Chameleon?

What the hell was on the iPhone app that scared the living beejesus out of the Chameleon?


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What is Emerson really seeing?


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At Least You Were Clean!

OK, here’s the thing Timothy Chapek, when breaking into a house don’t be taking no shower because the owner and his two German Shepherds may return home during the middle of it, forcing you to ring 911 because you’re scared he has a gun. Chapek had broken into the Portland home and was taking a shower (as you do) when the owner returned and confronted him. Quick thinking Chapek locked himself in the bathroom and rang 911 fearing the owner may a) set the dogs onto him or b) shoot him. Either way it was a lose/lose so he rang the cops for the trifecta!


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