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Punishment Complete

Remember the woman who was ordred by a judge to hold up a sign as punishment for driving on the sidewalk to avoid waiting for a school bus to move? Yeah her. Well, she’s done it!



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Gonna Get Me One Of Those

If I was ever going to get myself a remote control toy, this would have to be it. Imagine buzzing people in my own expandable school bus……


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Naked Man Hijacks School Bus

Naked man hijacks Atlanta school busEwh, children on an Atlanta school bus got more than they bargained for when a naked man (wearing a condom) hijacked it. Evidently the man in question jumped through the driver’s side window of the bus (while it was stationary at a bus stop), threw the driver out of his seat, pulled his sweat pants down to his knees and took off. Many of the students made a run for it and jumped as the naked man took over the wheel (as you would) but a few were trapped. The man eventually drove the vehicle through a fence and into a ditch. The two remaining students took off like jackrabbits when the bus came to a grinding halt,  leaving the naked man at the scene.

Psst A man who had seen the bus hit the ditch restrained naked man until police arrived. Hmm, a very unlucky good samaritan, I wouldn’t touch him!


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