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Hypnotist Fail

A young French Canadian hypnotist wished he had studied to be a magician instead so he could disappear after he failed to get several high school girls out of a trance following his show. Maxime Nadeau was hired by the school to stage a hypnotism show for a group of 12-13 year olds however several girls in the audience became mesmerized and couldn’t snap out of it. In the end poor Nadeau had to call his mentor and fellow hypnotist to snap them out of it.

Want sauce with that?


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McDonald’s Child Chewing Used Condom Update

At ease parents, a group of schoolgirls have come forward to claim responsibility for the condom at the Geraldton McDonalds store which saw a two year old girl pick it up at the play area and start chewing on it.  Initially it was thought to be a used condom but the girls have admitted they had filled it with ice cream and left it in the cubby. Phew!


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