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What could be worse than unveiling a plaque to a paedophile teacher after he died? Hmm, hows about inscribing it with the words “He touched us all”.


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Too Racist To Have Molested That Kid

Teachers says she's too racist to molest a black childWhat’s worse than being accused of being a first grade child molester? Telling police you’re innocent because you would never molest a black kid. Out of the frying pan … The school teacher, who is accused of touching a girl’s ‘private parts’  , told police she couldn’t have fondled the student because she’s a racist and doesn’t like touching black children. Dear lord.


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Things Not To Do In Alaska

Holy friggin werewolf Batman, a female special education teacher has been mauled to death by a wolf while jogging in Alaska. Candice Berner had only just arrived in Chignik to start work at a local school. The body was found by a group who’s been clam digging and say the wolf  had been stalking them earlier in the day.


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Another Brick In the Wall… I Mean Head

OMG,WTF, OMG, a Adelaide primary school teacher has been whacked with a brick and had $400 stolen by two students. The incident happened while she was on yard duty at the Swallowcliffe Primary School at Davoren Park. The two 12 year olds threw a brick at the back of her head, grabbed her office keys while she was semi-conscious and stole money from her purse. The teacher was unable to identify the two students involved because she was basically on the ground counting stars.


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