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Please Sir, NO More

A school in the US is about to revise their polices after it was discovered that the school cafeteria had served up meat that had been in their freezers for years. And by years I mean since 2009.


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What The Devil


Yeah, baby

How sweet, a NY Satanic group submitted their coloring book, The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities , for approval to be distributed to schools. The group believes it has the same rights as the groups  who distribute Bibles to schools.


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Another Dick In The Hall

naked-manUgh, a 72 year old substitute teacher got sprung (allegedly) spanking the monkey in the school hallway.That is an arresting right there. The teacher was caught by another teacher who saw him on the ground and thought he was hurt . Unfortunately, she realised a little too late that he wasn’t, he simply had his hand down his pants. Well, that can’t be unseen! CCTV footage revealed he’d been perving on students prior to his little indiscretion.


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Hump Day Trouble

Remember that Hump Day commercial I posted a few months back? Yeah, well evidently students at a school in Connecticut have been disrupting classes by constantly mimicking the camel yelling “hump dayyyy” in class.


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Show And Tell Fail

Girl brings hand grenade to schoolSo what have you brought for show and tell today little girl. This miss. Run, children , run!!!!  A year 5 girl didn’t get the reaction she was hoping for when she brought a WWII hand grenade to school for show and tell. The school and nearby homes were evacuated and bomb experts from the Royal Australian Air Force were called in. The deadly device was eventually removed and is currently being disposed of.


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Remember The Days of The Old School Yard?

You know what I hate, when you get your head stuck in an I-beam at school. Years of ridicule ensue.Looks like it was a case of hide and seek fail. OK, 1,2,3,4, …10 I’m coming to get you, ready or …Oo oh!!!


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Happy Mother’s Day

Oh dear, someone with a wicked sense of humor is in  big trouble after several women complained about being given x-rated chocolates at a school Mother’s Day function at a Hunter Valley school. The “gift bags” were handed out to mothers and grandmothers at a P&C public school function. The see through bags contained chocolates that were shaped like penises, butts and breasts, with some even depicting couples having sex.  The school says the chocolates were left over from last year’s event that had been held at a adults-only girls’ night venue and had been distributed by other parents not them. One women said her grandson handed her a bag and told her  ‘You’ve got a willy in there Nanny’.

Psst Sheez, I would be complaining more about getting last year’s chocolate!!!

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But I Don’t Want To Be A Gardener

Oh you poor little precious. Kyron Sloan was having a little nap in his 6th grade class when he got sprung, so as punishment he was made to mow the school lawn. Problem? The kid has ADD and Asperger’s  which causes him to sleep. Seems he has been doing a lot of mowing lately. Kyron has been trying to keep himself awake by drinking water and walking around the school but every morning “I get pulled out of my homeroom to go mow the lawn,” His mother has only recently found out her son has become a free gardener for Southeast Portland middle school .

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Collar Bomb Mystery Linked To Brother’s School

Remember last week a Sydney girl, Madeleine Pulver, had a collar bomb chained to her neck in a horrifying extortion plot? Yeah, well about that. Seems the ransom note found with the hoax bomb had an obscure reference to an old James Clavell novel entitled Tai-Pan. Hmm, seems her brother’s school (Shore) has it on their recommended reading list. I’m just saying!

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Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls Tragedy

The big O won’t be happy hearing a dead baby was found at her Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls  in South Africa. The baby is believed to have been born at the school but police are yet to confirm if it died from natural causes or was killed. One local newspaper reported the newborn was found in a plastic bag with bloodied clothes. No word on the fate of the 17 year old student. Sad.

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