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Please Sir, More

applaudAhhh want a hear a feel good story? Yeah, thought you might. Stand up Cayden Taipalus and take a bow. This little 8 year old was so upset when he saw his friend go without a hot lunch at school, because he had no money left in his lunch account,  he decided to raise money to pay off ALL of the overdue school lunch accounts at his school. Wait there’s more. After he raised enough to pay off the 150 overduers, he and his mom started an online fund raiser and now have $15,000 in the kitty and are planning to pay off overdues at other schools. Hmm, in my day that was the role of the government…just saying.


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What could possible go wrong?

So how was school?

Well little snowflakes from New York,  it’s time to go back to school following Hurricane Sandy. Yes, come Monday morning you will all be at your desks . Oh, but if you happen to find a psychiatric patient already at your seat no probs , you’ll be sharing. Seems many of the homeless and displaced mentally ill, who were evacuate to the schools during the storm, are basically still there and have no where else to go. So squeeze on in, grab a seat and don’t forget to share your crayons.


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Friggin Sack Tapping

Ow, ow, ow ...

No snowflakes, no. Playing “sack tapping” is only going to lead to tears. A Minnesota teenager is one testicle short after having been punched in the groin thanks to a stupid game sweeping schools. David Gibbons was changing classes when he was sack tapped (aka whacked in the balls) by another student. All seemed fine until a few hours later when he woke up in excruciating pain. Doctors were forced to remove his right testicle. Evidently this isn’t uncommon, Minnesota urologist Dr Scott Wheeler says he has to deal with up to 4 cases of ruptured testicles a year due to the ball busting game.


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