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Cat 1, Train Driver 0

You know what I hate? When a grey short-hair cat sneaks on board a train in New Zealand and goes Chuck Norris all over the driver. I really friggin hate that. The kitty allegedly snuck on at the Wairarapa station and when was confronted by the driver scratched him so badly he required bandages. The train was delayed by 30 minutes while they found a braver assed driver. No word on whether the cat will be charged the usual $18 fare.


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Lordie, lordie, lordie, it’s bad enough having a swastika on your butt, but having it scratched on with a screwdriver, yikes. Briana Rose Murray was jailed for over a year for her part in what has been described as a racially motivated attack. Briana and two members of the Christchurch skinheads were knocking a few back when they decided to pick on some poor dude. In typically skinhead fashion they stomped on the 23 year old’s head until he was unconscious, pulled down his pants and began their handy work. When the man regained consciousness he not only discovered his pants were still down but he now had a friggin swastika carved on his arse.


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The Funniest Lemur You’ll See All Day

Hands up who likes their armpits tickled?

Psst This one’s for Writer Dood.


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Revenge Against Thorny Bush Fails

Jure Erceg really, really hated a thorny bush that pricked and scratched  him every time he friggin walked passed it on his way to college. One day he had a bright idea, he would burn that sucker down. Unfortunately his little plan backfired, not only did he succeed in burning the bush he set the whole friggin park alight causing £30 million in damages. Whoops, my bad? Now poor Erceg’s religious studies are on hold while he sits in jail for 15 months. Student 0, prick of a bush 1.


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