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Hello, Is That 911?

Montana police rushed to a family house after neighbours reported hearing loud shouting, screams and gunshots . Police set up a perimeter around the house and drew their weapons before approaching. What they found was truly disturbing…. a family sitting around their TV watching the mid-season premier of Walking Dead.



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Squeal Like A Pig

richard-simmons2When police raced to a domestic dispute after neighbors reported hearing horrendous screaming, they were surprised to discover it was no assault at all, simply a amorous male pig squealing with delight as he had his way with 5 sows.


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Unlucky For Him

burglar stumbles on dead bodyWhen neighbors heard screaming coming from a house in New Zealand, they thought it was a domestic. Hmm, but they were wrong. The sound was coming from a burglar who had just stumbled across a dead body hanging in the house. The traumatized thief rang police who verified the owner of the house had committed suicide.


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