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The Price You Pay

A Romanian woman was so pissed at her hubby for not buying her flowers on International Women’s Day, guess what she did loons? She ripped off his scrotum, that’s what. She told police she was fed up with being ignored by her lazy husband.“I told him he was not any kind of man and I grabbed his balls. It was not my fault that he pulled away, and that’s when it happened. I thought maybe that some ice would solve the problem”


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A Bag With Balls

Scrote toteLook away Loons, this can’t be unseen. Introducing the Scrote-n-Tote bag. Yes, a backpack that looks like a scrotum. I know, I know  …why? Seems having a big hairy ball sack on your back is kinda cool. The designer is currently using crowd funding to get this to market.



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Genitals Conduct Lightning

I can’t feel my balls!

The “unluckiest man” award this week goes to the Spanish dude who got struck in the scrotum by lightning. I kid you not, he was walking down the street in Madrid minding his own beeswax when kaboom, the bolt went through his pants, zapping his balls before traveling down his legs and through to the footpath. Hmm, evidently his brain wasn’t affected by the lightning, which is surprising,  considering most men think with their….ah never mind. The guys OK, though he may be walking bow legged for awhile.

Psst This story was brought to you by Fairy Face and the letters WTF


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Guess what this is?

Give up? Ah, you will never guess. The image is a scan of a man’s scrotum. Yep, you see the face too huh? When the man from Canada began complaining about severe pain in his testicles, doctors ordered a scan and viola, they found a tumor with what looks like a face  “screaming in pain”. The face, the growth and the testicle were all later removed.


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They Are Some Balls

I don’t know guys, having a 45kg scrotum, can’t be good. A Las Vegas man, Wesley Warren Jr, is desperately trying to raise a million bucks to have the scrotal elephantiasis removed.The rare condition, which afflicted Mr Warren only 3 years ago, is usually caused by tropical mosquitoes which spread a friggin parasitic infection. Hmm, I wonder if it works on breasts? Nah, just pass me the bug spray? However Mr Warren, who has never set foot in a tropical place in his life believes his scrotum began growing after he caught it in his leg while twisting in bed.  Either way he has to carry a milk crate around to rest the enormous mass.


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It’s Not Size But Length That Matters

Sorry hon, my balls are too close to my butt hole

Hey guys, if the distance from your anus to your balls is shorter than 2 inches (5.2cm) you’re more likely to be infertile. It’s true, for goodness sakes, I read it in Reuters (they wouldn’t make this shit up!)  The measurement is known as anogenital distance (AGD) and the shorter the distance the lower the sperm count. That got ya reaching for your rulers, now didn’t it?  Hmm, OK, so now what?


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The Man’s Got Balls

Steven Black was arrested in Florida this week with $1,500 tied to his scrotum. Black and 4 other fools were part of a credit card and check fraud ring.Police say they found $1,540.00 strapped to his balls with a shoelace but were not revealing in what denominations. OK people, I know what you are all thinking, the elephant in the room, how big were his friggin balls?


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Can You Tuck It In Please!!!!

Ewh, ewh, ewh, a man rang police after his 57 year old thong wearing neighbor kept exposing his gray haired scrotum. The man and his family (including children) were enjoying themselves at home when the next door neighbor bent down several times on his back deck  revealing his “scrotum”. When the man asked the neighbor not to do it as there was children present he said “if you don’t like it call the cops.” Hmm so he did!

Psst You can read the police report and full story here at Off The Beat.


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Beyond The Call Of Duty

This will be a non scrotum examining flight, seats upright please!

OK, you might be a flight attendant but having to check a man’s scrotum is beyond the call of duty I say. A man who tried to sue Air Transat for failing to provide adequate medical attention has had his case thrown out of court. Marcel Cote was flying first class from Montreal to Mexico when he noticed he was bleeding in the crotch area and raced to the toilets. Cote then asked a male flight attendant to examine his scrotum closely to see where the bleeding was coming from. He promptly refused and handed him an absorbent paper instead. It was later discovered that Cote had ruptured a vein near his balls and required three stitches.Cote then sued the airline and employees claiming they had failed to provide appropriate medical assistance. Hmm, the judge said “It was not incumbent upon a flight attendant to conduct the medical examination of a passenger, a measure reserved for the medical profession.”


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