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Homeless Jesus Homeless

Seems the Catholic church isn’t too receptive to displaying a bronze sculpture depicting Jesus as a homeless man sleeping on a park bench. Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz, has had his piece “Homeless Jesus” rejected by two prominent churches.  Well not, by the rectors, they loved it, and got the whole “Jesus identifying with the poorer citizens” theme but by the higher powers that be.  They thought it would be too controversial.

Homeless Jesus on a bench sculpture rejected


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Who Took The Brisbane Axeman Sculpture?

OK Loons, someone has taken down one of my favourite pieces of public art in Brisbane. It has vamoosed without so much as a news story. I suspect the NAB bank, which now owns the piece, was behind its vanishing act. The Axeman sculpture which was created by John Underwood’s Artbusters Organisation was originally part of the World Expo 1988, hosted by Brisbane.It has been captivating tourists for nearly 25 years. I want it returned no questions asked!!!!  Fingers crossed its just getting a makeover, but I suspect it maybe gone for good. The Sunshine State just got a littler darker 😦


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Cleaning Lady Scrubs Million Dollar Sculpture

Oh dear, a cleaning lady in Germany is in big doo-dah after she destroyed a sculpture in the Ostwall Museum thinking it was a dirty mess. The sculpture titled When It Starts Dripping From the Ceiling was valued at $1.1 million. The cleaner mistook the  beige layer of paint (representing rain water) on the tower as a  stain so began scrubbing at it until it became nice and shiny. Oh and just to make it a little extra cringe worthy the sculpture was on loan from a private collector. Egads!


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Honesty Sculpture Stolen

OK, here’s the thing artist who used 316 one dollar bills to make a sculpture called “Honesty”, if you display it in any educational institution IT WILL go missing before you can say bippity boppity boo (trust me!).The wire mesh sculpture by artist John Ilg, which included rolled up dollar bills that spelled out the word Honesty, vanished from the Fine Arts building at the Normandale Community College  in Bloomington. All that was left behind was a few muddy footprints ,  7 rolled up dollar bills and several empty Domino Pizza boxes. OK, I made up the pizza, but I bet that’s what the sculpture paid for!!!


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