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Chocoholic Fish

What the? Gary is addicted to Kit Kats, which wouldn’t be all that bad, except Gary’s a friggin fish! Yep, Gary a 4kg gourami was given to the Sea Life London aquarium recently but refused to eat.It was only when staff did some digging that they discovered Gary was only ever fed Kit Kats by his previous owner. Now poor Gary is being slowly weaned off the chocolate. Bummer dude!


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Paul The Psychic Octopus Is Dead


OMG, Paul the psychic octopus who predicted the World Cup results is dead. He was found floating in his aquarium in Germany last night. A devastated general manager of Sea Life said “He won all our hearts, and we will sorely miss him.”  The body will remain in cold storage until they work out a fitting send off for the lovable 8 legged rogue.

Psst I hope his tentacles don’t end up on eBay!


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