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What Do You Do With A Drunken Seagull?

Apparently, in Britain, there has been a massive increase in callouts to help drunken seagulls. It is believed the naughty little scavengers have found themselves a nice pile of brewery waste somewhere. One rescuer complained the birds stunk of alcohol and their van smelled like a pub. Bless. The gulls are sleeping it off at the RSPCA.


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Killer Seagulls

Scientists have concluded that the cause of death of hundreds of baby whales off the coast of Argentina is a result of killer seagulls. Yep, seems those feathered pesks aren’t satisfied just feeding off the whales’ dead skin but are pecking large holes in them. The baby whales are the most vunerable to gull lesions. Sheez loons, save whales, feed seagulls more chips.


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