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G-String Wearing Seal

One little seal in New Zealand is relieved to have been freed from an embarrassing situation…a g-string tangled around its neck. Ironically the poor little tyke had been frolicking around Lover’s Leap cliffs in  Otago when it came face to face with the disused garment (probably smelled like ….oh never mind) . Anywho, a ranger eventually came to its rescue.


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Honey, I Told You It Was A Pup

You find a sick seal pup on a beach in England while taking a walk, what do you do? Hmm, Sling it over your shoulder, place it in the passenger seat of your car, drive it home, plonk it in the bath and try and feed it a can of tin salmon, that’s what. Oh yeah and then ring Sea Life Sanctuary who pick it up, put it in intensive care in the hope they can bring it back to health.


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WTF is That?

I was surfing some of my fav news site this morning when I came across this. Dear lord,  I thought it was a friggin dick with eyes. Turns out it is a seal.


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Ranga Seal Rejected By It’s Mom

Picture: Caters / Picture Media

Grab your Kleenex loons, I’ve got another weepy for you. A ginger albino baby seal has been found abandoned by it’s mother in Russia. Seems the red fur was just freaking her the hell out! Photographer Anatoly Strakhov found the pup hiding under some logs while it’s brothers and sister were frolicking around with their mommy. Fortunately the half blind little ranga will have a new home at a Russian dolphinarium where it won’t get teased and ridiculed.

Psst Word of warning if you decide to look for a  video of  this weird creature on Youtube, I suggest you don’t use the keywords “seal” or “pup”. Dear god, do they still friggin club them!!!! I’m just sayin!!!


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