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You Can Steal A Commercial Plane?

Apparently, a worker at Seattle International Airport got into the cockpit of a Horizon Air Q400 plane and took off down the runway. When the tower realized there was a rogue plane the fighter jets were summoned. For a good thirty minutes, the random guy did loop-the-loops and uncontrolled rolls without any pilot training what-so-ever. His flight plan looked like this…

The fighter jets followed the plane whilst the tower kept in communications with the guy in the cockpit. They were trying in vain to guide him to a nearby military airstrip so they could help him land. Sadly, it was not meant to be. The plane crashed. It has yet to be confirmed whether the plane ran out of fuel or if he deliberately ditched it. Either way very sad for his family.



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Seatless in Seattle

naked womanA woman in Seattle has been arrested for doing lewd things with lawn chairs. Hmm, yeah I don’t won’t to know. OK fine, first she urinated all over the place before hiking up her dress and getting kinky with the furniture. No word on the splinters.


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Serial Masturbator Strikes Again

OK, here’s the thing serial masturbator, when you are sitting on a staircase, in an alley, with your pants down around your ankles, spanking the sausage, and two cops tell you to stop,  don’t refuse and tell them to wait until your finished, that’s just gross.

Psst Seattle

2nd Psst Thanks to Craig Berry for the heads up and who adamantly denies it’s about him.

3rd Psst  No Bearman I’m not adding a piece of clipart for this post!!!!


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Naked In Seattle

Move over Arkansas we have a new streaker. A man in Seattle, who randomly football tackled a 16 year old girl and her bro, ran into a lake and stripped off after being chased by police. For 2 hours the naked dude bobbed and frolicked while cops and firefighters tried to retrieve him. He later went running around Duck Island starkers. Police said…and I quote…. “We don’t believe he has any weapons especially considering the temperature of the water.” Hmm, what kinda of weapons were they inferring???? The unidentified man was later taken into custody.

Psst Big Shout out to Craig Berry for sending the naked truth.


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Seattle Space Needle Gets A Facelift

Happy 50th Seattle Space Needle and just to show you we care, you are getting a new paint job. Hope you like Galaxy Gold cause that’s what you are getting. Slow news day people!!!!


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That’s a Carpool Violation Right There

OK, here’s the thing man from Seattle. No, you can’t dress up a plastic skeleton in  hoodie and plonk it in your passenger seat to make it look like a person in order for you use the carpool lane because if you get caught …ah never mind. Just pay the damn fine and be done with it, fool.


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Honey, I Don’t Think This Is Part Of The Nativity Play

Oh for crying out loud you parents. When attending a nativity play at your kid’s school, just sit down and friggin watch. Sheez, none of this male macho biting off fingers crap, thanks. Seems two male parents got into a fight during the Harton Primary School Christmas play, resulting in one man biting off the other man’s finger. A witness said “One bit the finger off the other and spat the blood out like an animal.” It’s the season to be jolly,  fa lalalala lala la la.

Want sauce with that?


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Get A Grip!

A woman in Seattle has been charged with third-degree domestic violence after she allegedly squeezed her boyfriend’s balls so hard during a fight that he had to have surgery. Ouch! Hmm, want look good on your resume Jennifer Kolone.

Want sauce with that?


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Mullet Bandit Strikes Again

Despite fears the Ohio “Mullet Bandit” might cut his hair to avoid detection, it seems he’s come up with a better solution. He’s now simply tucking his mullet under his Seattle Mariners baseball cap during bank robberies. So far he’s successfully robbed three banks. Shame the mullet is hairdo of choice in Ohio!


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Spring Sphere Anyone?

Hang on one minute, its the only time we arent called vermin!

Attention Christians, if your snowflake comes home from school with a “spring sphere” that’s an Easter egg in “before the world went friggin mad with political correctness”. Yep, seems a Seattle school is playing it safe by avoiding any mention of the “E” word this season by renaming the eggs, “spheres”.    Hmm, I guess calling them chocolate bunny poops would be wrong?


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