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While You Were Sleeping Again

sleepingOh for crying out loud. Remember the jealous wife from China who gave her hubby sleeping pills before chopping off his penis and flushing it down the loo? Yeah her.Well, guess what? Hubby went back to his wife for the sake of the kids but behind her back was looking for a new woman to take over, just in case she had to go to prison. Wifey-poo got wind of his little plan and grabbed those sleeping tablets again. Yep, she chopped off everything left in his gential region before handing herself in to police.

Psst Hubby might just have to look after the kids himself now šŸ˜¦


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She’s Got An X Factor Alright!

This is the reason why you should never, ever, encourage your kids to do something when you know damn well they aren’t good at it…even if you love them to bits. Now the reason I posted this wasn’t just because I nearly died from nasal coffee inhalation after watching this, but because Emma Chawner, bless her cotton picking soul, has made a comeback. Yep, she wasn’t happy being dissed by Simon Cowell on X Factor the first time, now she has returned for a second slaying.

Psst Hmm and if you thinkĀ  the Chawner’s family look awfully familiar, they graced the British newspapers last year under the heading “83 stone family claiming Ā£22,500 a year in benefits”. Just thought you’d like to know!

2nd Psst What,did they say they lived inĀ  Ramsbottom? There goes the coffee up my nose again!

Recap….the first dissing….

and then…nooooooooo

but wait there’s more…she has a sister….


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