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Hey, Did Anyone See A Laptop With Top Secret Written On It?

Don't worry, no one can hear them scream

NASA is adamantly denying that a laptop stolen in March 2011,  containing all the secret codes that control the International Space Station (ISS), did not, and I repeat did not, put the lab in peril, OK!!! Sure it resulted in the “loss of the algorithms used to command and control the International Space Station” but peril? NO!


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So Dan Brown Wasn’t Full Of Shit!

That cheeky little Da Vinci has been messing with us again. Art experts have discovered a friggin code in the Mona Lisa’s eyes that are only visible by magnifying glass. Seems Dan Brown was right about Leonardo’s love of placing secret codes and symbols in his art works. Evidently Mona’s right eye contains the letters LV and her left eye the letters C and E (or B). No one is quite sure what the letters mean but some experts believe it may be a clue to the real identity of Mona Lisa (or his bicycle lock combination?). The discovery was made after Luigi Borgia found a book in an antique shop describing how the eyes of the Mona Lisa were filled with secret signs. Hmm, you would have thought someone would have discovered it before now  , how many times has the painting been friggin forged for goodness sakes?


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