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Secret Jack The Ripper Files

Elementary dear Watson

Well, well, well, my little Sherlocks, seems Scotland Yard has been keeping a little secret under lock and key. Hmm, evidently they have a bucket load of unreleased info on Jack the Ripper. Four thick ledgers to be precise which were compiled by Special Branch officers during the Whitechapel slaughters in 1888. Whatever is contained in those ledgers must be of some importance because  Ripper investigator,  Trevor Marriott, is having a devil of a time, trying to get his hands on them. For three years he has tried to obtain the ledgers but Scotland Yard simply refuse, so now, in a last ditch effort, he’s going to a tribunal to try to secure a release. Police say the files contain the names of Police informants therefore they don’t want them released .

Want sauce with that?


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