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The Plot Thickens

Oh for crying out loud, now British police think the dead MI6 spy found in a sportsbag in a bathtub in London may have been killed by a gay lover. Hmm, makes sense, a gay man wouldn’t leave a body just lying dead in a bathtub, now would he? And we all know foreign spies would have made the death look like suicide. Gareth Williams, whose private life is now under a microscope after his body was found in a sports bag ,  may have been a closet transvestite (not that there is anything wrong with that). Hmm,   I would like to think of it more as he was working undercover? Anywho, if any one comes across a laptop with files marked “Top Secret” you might want to give Scotland Yard a buzz, seems his computer is AWOL!

Psst In the good old days the general public were never privy to such intimate details, especially where government intelligence agencies were concerned. Isn’t that right J Edgar Hoover?

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Well Hello Mr Two Face

Detroit mechanic hides a KKK secretThis is the way weirdest story to come out of Detroit, in like, hours. Mr Burwell seemed like a nice enough guy (sure, don’t they all). The bespectacled white mechanic from Ohio ran a repair shop and was often seen driving black children to church in his bus (ah huh). He even ran a jobs program for ex crims which was funded by the civil rights groups (hmm). He was loved by all including Catholics, Jews and African Americans (now I am worried).Damn, he even gave to the Detroit Black Panther Party (oook). So what’s a man that seems like “Mr Color Blind” doing with  friggin Ku Klux Klan robes in his garage (WTF)? Not only that but he was a high ranking member to boot.Well hello Mr secretary for Unit No. 1 of the local National Knights of the KKK chapter ( can that fit on a name badge?).  Talk about finger in each pie. Even his wife hadn’t a clue about her hubby’s little secret (well, that ain’t no surprise). Funny enough Mr Burwell’s secret stayed hidden for years in the loft of his gargage until the new owner decided to have a clean up. There he found, ironically in a box containing photocopies of checks he had sent to help improve race relations, evidence of his KKK days.You can read the whole story at Detroit News. I would like to think Jim Burwell was an informant for police and not a “real” member of the KKK. Sheez, this coming from someone who believes in Santa and the tooth fairy!

Psst I don’t think Hallmark will be making this story anytime soon.


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