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Random Steals India’s Spotlight

I noticed the random walking proudly next to the befuddled Indian athletes  as they entered the stadium  and thought “Wow, their women’s uniforms are crap.” Hmm, seems the gatecrasher was suppose to be a dancer in the earlier part of the opening but thought she ‘d have better luck being noticed by security breaching. Hmm, nice to know the British security is on the ball.


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Jon Venables Who?

Remember Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, the nasty duo who cold bloodily murdered 2 year old James Bulger. Well, after having both been given a new identity in 2001, following their relatively short stay in prison, a security breach has resulted in Jon Venables being identified. Yep, some cheeky little devil published his photo and alias on the internet, sending the Home Office and Probation Service into a spin. You see,  they have been desperately trying to stop the public finding out where these child killers have been living since their release by ordering a worldwide ban on reporting anything about them. However someone , who believes the public are still at risk, has released current photos of Venables and even given details about  his alias, address and new birthdate. This breach has forced the British government  to give the “now” adult a “second” new identity. Oh and lets not forget this is the same  Venables who made headlines recently after it was revealed he had been in trouble with the law numerous times  since his release (many swept under the rug) and eventually thrown back in jail for internet child sex abuse crimes. Still the Nanny State continues to feel fit to protect him rather than the general public.  Go figure!


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Sony Security Breach

Hey mom, might want to cancel your Visa!

Um, Playstation 3 online users you may want to put your controllers down for a tick. Seems there has been a breach in security and some “unauthorized person” has obtained PlayStation Network Users’ personal information, including names, addresses, passwords, logins and credit card details.

Want sauce with that?


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Dubbo Airport Blunder

OK, here’s the thing Dubbo airport staff, don’t be taping the secret gate access code on a piece of paper on a secure entrance, or you’ll have the  Federal Government officials paying you a call. The massive security breach at one of the largest region airports in New South Wales was nicely spotted by a Daily Telegraph reader. In their defence the Dubbo City Council corporate development director said the PIN code on the gate was to allow “itinerant airport workers who have security clearance to use this gate.” Oh, well, that’s alright then, I would hate it to be used by terrorists!


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Spanish Prime Minister Has Bean Hacked

Friggin funny, hackers have managed to replace the image of Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero with an image of Mr Bean on Spain’s official website. The image showed a smiling Mr Bean saying “Hi There”. Ah the mortified officials at Mr Zapatero’s say the security breach hadn’t resulted in any information being affected… sheez who cares, everyone had a good a laugh. Unemployment in Spain is currently at 19% and people blame poor handling of the economy.

Hi There!


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