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Great way to start a marriage

Of all the low down rotten things to do, someone is selling (on Facebook) “positive” pregnancy tests to women who want their boyfriends to propose. For $20 your deception is complete. The trick is to fake the pregnancy , get the ring on it and then fake the miscarriage.


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Bottoms Up

coughAttention drinkers. If you happened to have bought a bottle of Smirnoff or Jack Daniels from a store in Blackpool (Duncan?) you might want to a) throw them out b) regift c) rinse your mouth out. Seems some prankster filled the bottles with urine and faeces, resealed them and then thought it was funny to sell them to unsuspecting customers.

PSST  A new meaning to being pissed.


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Haunted House Anyone?

Want to buy a house for 1 Euro? It’s all yours, here… Oh, there’s only one little catch, in the 1950’s the owners were  murdered and now it’s friggin haunted. So if you can handle random knocks on windows, strange voices and moving objects, knock yourself out bidding on the French version of eBay.




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OK, here’s the thing Andrew Allen Kramer, when trying to flog  your marijuana a) don’t wear a bright red coat and b) don’t sell it in front of the friggin courthouse. I’m just saying, people will dob you in.

Want sauce with that?


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Tsunami Escape Pod Anyone?

It didn’t take long. A Japanese company is making a fortune building Tsunami escape pods. Yep, the fiberglass contraption is called Noah,  floats, has a pole to hang on to and can hold up to four adults . It will set you back $4,000. So far over 600 of these bright yellow pods have been sold.

Psst I wonder if I could buy mine in red, with maybe some nice seating and  a snack bar as it could be a long wait bobbing out to sea!


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Honey, Why Is The Car Glowing?

What’s worse than a used car salesman? A used car salesman selling radioactive cars. Seems some Japanese dealers are trying to flog contaminated cars from the Fukushima area to unsuspecting customers by re-registering them . One car was so bad that just sitting in it for just 2 hours would expose the driver to the maximum recommended dose for a year. Seems the cars are near impossible to decontaminate so salemen are trying every trick in the book to off load them to the public. Sheez, and everyone’s worried about carbon emissions!

Psst Don’t despair loons, fortunately the cars are so bad they can’t pass the export requirements.


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Freshly Squeezed Breast Milk

Got Milk

Attention women who cannot nurse, Breanna Clemons is selling her breast milk on Craigslist. So far she has 200 bags of freshly squeezed milk waiting but as of yet no takers. Oh and if you are worried about catching something like HIV, no worries, you can meet with Clemons, visit her home and check her medical records. Sheez, not even my dairy farmer offers that!


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Jeans, Porn and Poo

Our barley grown from quality shit!

Of  all the things you could have in the world  guess what’s on North Korea’s most wanted list? Skinny jeans, porn and human poo. Yes that’s right folks. Since the the ban on fashionable trousers was lifted, fashion conscious North Korean women have gone ape over skinny jeans (which would probably look baggy on them). Porn is pretty much self explanatory. But human poo,WTF? Hmm, seems there is a shortage of fertilizer in North Korea and human manure shops are popping up everywhere. OK people, what is wrong with sheep or cow manure? Sheez!


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Little Shit

You know what I hate?  When you go to a Sydney dance and some bastard gives you laxatives instead of ecstasy. I really friggin hate that! The 17 year old was arrested after being found with 94 BROWN colored tablets which he was selling to unsuspecting ravers.



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Over My Dead Body

Ah, no thanks!

OMG, investigators in Naples are concerned that people are eating pizzas which have been baked using wood from coffins. Oh, ewh! Yep, authorities suspect  lower end pizza shop owners are using wood from old dug up coffins in their ovens. With grave digging now a booming business in Italy and especially Naples, the fear is thieves are now resorting to digging up coffins and then selling the pieces of wood to struggling pizza owners at cheap rates.

Psst Gives a whole new meaning to “Excuse me waiter, there is a hair in my pizza!”


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