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Breaking Up Is So Hard To Do

OMG, why don’t you people delete your raunchy photos. Let me tell you a story about a woman who emailed her then boyfriend a rather risque photo of herself. Fast forward to the breakup when the boyfriend decides to take revenge and print a few hundred flyers, which not only include the now enlarged photo, but her name, address and phone number. If that wasn’t bad enough he’s been handing them out at gas stations, Red Lobster, barber shops and any public place he can find. The embarrassed woman told reporters  her phone hasn’t stopped ringing since. Hmm, so flyers actually work… good to know!


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Not Tonight Honey!

You know what I hate? When you are on hols and you accidentally enter the wrong hotel room and climb semi naked into bed with a Spanish couple. I really friggin hate that! ? Hmm, so too does the woman who woke up to find Gary Oddie lying on top of her. She screamed, her boyfriend woke up and Mr Oddie (who was apparently drunk) refused to leave. Mr Oddie now has free accommodation at the local jail and a great travel story!


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