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Senior Citizens Excellent Adventure

Dude, where's my car?

OK, here’s the thing, when preparing a wake for senior cits, probably  not a good idea to spike the brownies with marijuana. I’m just saying. Two elderly women and a man ended up in a California hospital after getting high as kites chomping on the hash brownies. Hmm, wait until the munchies set in!.

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Hey Doc, What Is That Rash?

Well it wasn't me!!!!

Oh my, if you are a senior cit you may want to sit down for this. Seems STDs amongst the oldies are on the rise in the US and  syphillis and chlamydia are the top rankers. In the past 5 years the increase of sexually transmitted diseases among those 55 and older increased by 43%. Oh and if you live in Florida make that 71%. Seems no one gave them the safe sex talk. The increase is being blamed on healthier lives  and Viagra. Hmm, obviously there is more than just bingo happening at retirement communities.

Want a cream for that?


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Terror At The Senior Citizen Center

Sometimes when senior citizens have a short term memory lapse it leads to a 911 call. Terri Talbott and her hubby had been joking to their friend Tina Romero about the “bomb” ingredients needed to make cabbage stew. So when they dropped off a box of  vegetables for her, they labeled it bomb and drew a explosive device on the side of it as a part of the ongoing joke. Unfortunately Ms Romero had forgotten the conversation and rang 911. The Talbotts noticed all of the police cars outside the senior center a short time later and went to see what all the kerfuffle was about. Awkward!


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Warning, Don’t Wave In Pictou

Geez, Pictou in Novia Scotia is vying for the Nanny State of the year award. Two senior cits who waved at a little boy on a bike were accused of being child abductors. The couple, Patsy and Gerald McCara were on the way to do some grocery shopping when they saw a little boy on a bike and Mr McCara gave him a wave. After parking Patsy went into the grocery store and Gerald went to buy some tobacco. When Patsy had finished, she went back to her car where a RCMP cruiser had parked behind them. Much to her horror Patsy discovered Gerald was inside the cruiser being questioned. Seems someone rang police and identified their truck as being involved in an attempted child abduction!

Psst You can get the whole low down here NG News.


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