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First To Hang Under Blasphemy Laws


Holy blaspheming Christian Batman. Christian woman Asia Bibi has been sentenced to hang in Pakistan for defaming the Prophet Mohammad. The alleged incident happened while she was working in the fields with some other women and was asked to fetch some water. When she returned some of the Muslim women refused to touch the water because it was brought to them by a Christian. All hell broke loose and the next thing Bibi knew a friggin mob had formed. She was eventually arrested and held in isolation for a year before being sentenced to hang. Sheez, next time tell them to get their own friggin water…bitches!


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Hangmen, A Dying Breed!

Geez, where do you get a decent hangman from these days, seems India are short a few. Come on people, one friggin Mumbai terrorist to execute and no friggin hangman! Can you believe the only surviving terrorist, Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, has been sentenced to be hang but they can’t  find a professional hangman to do it. Ooh but never fear  Arjun Bhika Jadhav is here. OK, he maybe a little old (72) and has suffered a stroke or two but Jadhav is offering his services  after hearing about their dilemma and swears he can get the job done in 27 seconds. Yep, the man has been carrying out executions for 33 years and boasts 101 hangings.  Authorities are currently considering his offer.

Psst How’s about just a firing squad and be done with it?


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