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Will Harry Potter Actor Get Fan Mail in Prison?

Harry Potter fans, you might want to look away. Jamie Waylett who played Vincent Crabbe in the Potter movies has been given a two year sentence for participating in last year’s British riots. Not only was he caught looting, he had a Molotov cocktail in his possession. Bet he wished he had stolen Harry’s invisible cloak first!!!



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Joran Van Der Sloot Gets 28 Years

See ya, don't want to be ya!

Well, hopefully this will be the last we’ll be hearing of Joran van der Sloot for awhile. He’s just been sentenced to 28 years in a Peruvian prison for the murder of Stephany Flores. That’s a release date of June 10th, 2038. Joran, who made worldwide headlines in 2005 when Natalee Holloway vanished during a school holiday in Aruba, pleaded guilty to the violent killing of a young business student in Peru. Might need some soap on a rope.


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Justice Served

RIP Darcey.

Bravo, at last, a real sentence to fit the crime in Australia . Arthur Freeman has been given a life sentence with a non parole period of 32 years for throwing his 4 year old daughter Darcey from the Westgate Bridge in 2009. Judge Coghlan in handing down the sentence said “You did what you did, you are responsible for it, and nobody else is.” Minutes before he took his little girl from the car and threw her from the bridge Mr Freeman rang his ex wife and told her “say goodbye to your children” Darcey’s brother witnessed the murder and begged his dad to turn back because “Darcey can’t swim,”.

Want sauce with that?


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Fake Photos Fail

OK, here’s the thing Daryl Simon, photoshopping yourself into a series of photographs to fool the judge is gonna get you 24 years jail.Mr Simon thought by placing himself in  fake photos, doing charity work at schools and hospitals , the judge would be lenient. Hmmm, WRONG. The judge saw right through the images, especially as he used the same photo of himself twice in separate shots, simply flipping it.Oooh did I mention he included fake letters from charity organizations too? Anywho, the judge was really pissed over the brazen attempt to commit fraud in his friggin court so added another 50 months to Simon’s maximum prison term of 285 months. What was Mr Simon’s original crime you ask? Credit card fraud and bail jumping.

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Don’t Fib in Brazil!

Two British law graduates sentenced to 16 months in Brazilian slumsBummer. The two British law graduates, who lied about a being robbed to scam insurance in Brazil, have been given their punishment. Oh dear and they won’t be happy. The judge has ordered Shanti Andrews and Rebecca Turner to work in Rio slums for either 1 hour every day for 16 months or 7 hours a day for 8 months (choose your poison!). No I am serious, 16 months or 8 months, in Rio slums! They will be lucky to get out of this alive! Some of these slums ‘favelas’ are so lawless not even police will dare venture into them!  Ooh and the two 23 year olds won’t be allowed to return to the UK until they have spent at least 8 months doing their community service.  Not surprising they have immediately appealed!

Psst Additional bummer…it is highly likely the two will be barred from entering the legal profession when they return home because of their criminal record.

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