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Nasty or Nice?

How far would a woman go to make her hubby faithful even after her death? Well, how’s about having your vagina carved into your gravestone? No? Well, Milena Marinkovic (75) from Serbia had hers carved just to remind her hubby of 50 years never to look at another woman. Prior to her death she had a photographer take photos of her privates so the sculptor could get it just right. Unfortunately it took the poor grieving widower some time to find someone who was willing to carve it. But now it’s done he’s as happy as punch. Mind you, he hasn’t told all her relis that the weird carving on her tomb is of her vagina. One poor soul asked why does the bird on her grave have such a large beak. Awkward!!!

Want sauce with that?


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The 7th Annual World Testicle Cooking Championship

You won’t be seeing this on a cooking show  anytime soon, the annual World Testicle Cooking Championship. High in a remote Serbian mountain village chefs gather to cook up animal testicles. Yes, you heard me, the chefs cook up the balls of kangaroos, ostriches, camels, bulls and boars.Hmm so if you feel like a beef ball goulash, gonad moussaka or a testicle pizza this festival is for you? Yummy!

Psst Hey Jammers, if you want any of the recipes just give Susi Spice a buzz!


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Friggin Garlic Pandemic

Serbians are using garlic to combat swine flu

Sheez, is it me?

OK, I am not sure how to tell you this guys but garlic has pretty much the same affect it has on vampires as it does on Swine Flu. Which is pretty much zip, nil, nada. Since the Serbian outbreak of pig flu, garlic has been flying off the shelves and stalls with people reportedly eating them like apples. Dear god, the breath! Health officials are trying their damnedest to stop this obsession and just get people to have the friggin vaccination! Hmm, though they might have an uphill battle, with one smelly old man shouting from the local market  “From the vaccine, you can get sick. From garlic, you can only get bad breath.”
Serbia has about 270 recorded swine flu cases and eight deaths.

Psst Another place to scratch off my vacation list!


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How Obsolete Could They Be?

A bit of spit and polish should do the trick!

A bit of spit and polish should do the trick!

If anyone is looking for Saddam Hussein’s jet fighters, stop, they have been found in Serbia! The Iraqi Defence ministry  believes the 19 jets  were sent to Serbia for a service and oil change some 20 years ago. Hmm, but unfortunately they got caught up in that little embargo hiccup in 1990, following the invasion of Kuwait.Bummer. Now the jets are little more than nuts and bolts.Despite this, the Iraqi officials say they could still be critical in helping the “country take responsibility for its own defence”. Iraqi delegates are believed to be on their way to Belgrade to negotiate the return of the jets but the Serbian officials are literally saying “good luck with that” as the planes have all but been cannibalised, abandoned and useless (sounds like they’d be perfect for Iraq). Hmm, wouldn’t happen to be anything to do with the fact they were all Soviet built would it?

Psst I hope they come with instruction manuals!

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