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Art Class For A Serial Killer

You know what I hate? When a serial killer, who confessed to killing over 90 women, begins sketching and painting some of his victims in his cell. What the? He gets to do arts and crafts?  Investigators have been encouraging him to draw his victims in chalk, pastels and watercolours in an attempt to identify them. According to the FBI, Sam Little has an eye for detail, especially when capturing their petrified expressions. Very Gacyesque.

Sam Little had gone under the radar for over 40 years until he got kaboomed with Historic DNA. Aint that a bitch. Having been linked to three murders he later confessed to many, many more. As is with some serial killers he chose to kill vulnerable women, such as drug addicts and prostitutes. He also strangled his victims before dumping them in dense forest areas, making it seem as though they died by accident.

Investigators are struggling to identify many of the women as the killings span the length and breadth of the US. Despite this, they have confirmed 36 women so far.

If you suspect one of your relatives is a serial killer off you trot to Ancestry.com and take them down, I say.

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Night Stalker Begone

I woke to the news that the serial killer and rapist, known as the Night Stalker/Golden Gate Killer, has been caught. Women in California can close their other eye now. The serial killer stalked, killed and/ or raped his victims from 1978 to the late 1980s. It turns out the torch carrying, micropenis, knot making torturer was an ex-cop, who still lives in Sacremento. He is allegedly responsible for 12 murders and 45 rapes. Along with the Zodiac Killer, the Golden Gate killer had been one of the most baffling unsolved crimes in American history. Despite having DNA Joseph James DeAngelo, 72 had miraculously gone under the radar until now. The arrest follows the release of a book  I’ll Be Gone In The Dark by the late writer Michelle McNamara (actor-comedian Patton Oswalt completed the book following his wife’s unexpected death).

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A Flat To Die For

richard-simmons2Remember British serial killer Dennis Nilsen? Hmm, me neither…but evidently the former army cook murdered about a dozen students and homeless men from between 1978-1983 before being sprung by a plumber who discovered that the body parts were the reason for a blocked drain. Anywho, his garden flat is up for grabs. The Real Estate agents do kinda mention (if pushed) that he did commit a few murders in it. Any takers?

PSST I hope the kitchen has been renovated…just saying.


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Baba Yaga

The moral of this story is never ask Tamara Samsonova to do the dishes or you might end up in pieces. The 68 year old Russian woman confessed to cutting up a 79 year old woman and throwing her head in a pond because of a spat over unwashed cups. When police searched her flat they discovered her diary which relieved more than they were expecting. Seems for the past 20 years the Granny Ripper had been bumping people off , cutting them into pieces and eating them… the lungs being her favourite . The granny has confessed to all the murders and told the court she was expecting to be caught eventually.


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Serial Killer Confesses to Killing Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman

Could the water get anymore murkier? Seems serial killer Glen Rogers has put up his hand and confessed to the killing of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. Oh, but hold your horses civil libitarians, he also claims  OJ paid him to break into the house to nick some jewelry and “kill the bitch” if necessary. Goldman’s family believe this is a crock and that it is all just a publicity stunt to promote a new documentary. Hmm, both are behind bars so whoppity doo, justice served!!!

Psst Does this mean the world could have been spared The Kardashians?


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Notorious Serial Killer Lied

It was funny in the beginning …

What could possibly be worse than confessing to over 30 murders? Confessing 21 years later that you made it all up. Introducing Thomas Quick (real name Sture Bergwall), the man who until recently was considered one of Sweden’s worst serial killers. Quick has spent the last 21 years in a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane after he confessed to gruesomely murdering randoms across Scandinavia between 1964-1993.
The truth was only uncovered when a documentary maker, Hannes Råstam, began rummaging through thousands of court documents and discovered that there was no DNA evidence, murder weapons or eye witnesses to back up his story. When he later confronted Quick he fessed up. Quick told Råstam he had made the whole thing up because while in jail on an unrelated crime “I was a very lonely person when it all started ….and I noticed that the worse or more violent or serious the crime, the more interest someone got from the psychiatric personnel. I also wanted to belong to that group, to be an interesting person in here.”

Hmm, one flew over that cuckoo’s nest!!!



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Is Killer Targeting Pregnant Women?

Holy Patricia Cornwall Batman, seems New York police maybe hunting a serial killer who is targeting pregnant women. A frightening scenario is emerging after a note was found under the body of a pregnant woman who had been murdered the day before her wedding. In the note the killer is threatening  to murder one pregnant woman every month until the “D.C. Sniper” is released. Yes, that’s right, he’s talking about Lee Boyd Malvo, the guy who murdered 10 people in Washington D.C. by shooting people from the trunk of his car. Police haven’t ruled out, however, that the note is merely a ruse to distract them from the investigation. Evidence suggests that the killer knew his victim as there was no forced entry. There is also a bloody fingerprint on the note.

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Canadian Psycho

You might be fooled into thinking this is a plot to a grisly thriller (ala American Psycho), but the Canadian Conservative Party office in Ottawa aren’t laughing, they received a human foot in the mail. A human hand was later intercepted at a post office in Ottawa and a torso in Montreal. The culprit is believed to be Luka Rocco Magnotta, a washed up porn star. Magnotta , who once dated a serial killer, is believed to have fled the country. Police suspect that a video, which has been circulating on the net showing a man being stabbed with an ice pick and being dismembered while the soundtrack to America Psycho is playing in the background, may be the actual murder. Holy horror movie Batman.

PSST By the way Loons, for all the latest on this and ever  other serial killer out there, go to Psychowatchers blog Real Life Monsters.


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Does France Have Another Serial Killer?

What was that?

Just when the French thought they had seen the end of crazed serial killers randomly bumping off people, another one pops up. So far there have been 4 victims, randomly shot with a small caliber gun. The killer is said to flee on a motorbike. Sound familiar? Hmm, sounds like the same MO as Mohamed Merah, the Islamic extremist who went on a killing spree last month. Cordon blah!


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Racist Serial Killer On Loose In France

Authorities have linked the helmet wearing killer of three Jewish children and a Rabbi in France yesterday to two other shootings. Each has happened in four day intervals and has targeted ethnic minorities. The killer seeks his victims whilst riding his scooter, then walks clamly up to them and shoots them at point blank range. His victims so far are  a paratrooper in civilian clothing, two airbourne troops (North African decent), three children and a teacher from the Ozar Hatorah school (Jewish decent).

UPDATE: Authorities now believe the killer filmed his crimes. The gunman is believed to have been wearing an apparatus around his neck which they think was a video camera.

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