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Searching For the “Evil” Gene

Evil gene...and you?

Evil gene…and you?

Years ago I read a book by a Quantico profiler who had studied some of the worse serial killers in the US. He hinted that it was highly probably that there was a direct link between their actions and a dodgy gene. However, the FBI were reluctant to confirm this in fear that it would act as a loophole for lawyers to get their clients off.  So where am I going with this? Well, today it was announced that a group of  United States geneticists want to study Newtown school killer Adam Lanza’s remains, in the hope of finding a mutant gene. The problem is, if they do identify it, then what?  We test people for the “evil” gene and ??????  Hmm, there’s a stigma you just don’t want.


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Gut Instincts Fail

A word of warning from a 30 year veteran FBI profiler, that well mannered nice guy living in your cul de sac could well be a friggin psychopath with bodies in the freezer. Mary Ellen O’Toole has heard it all before  “but he was such a nice guy”, even by the friggin investigators,  who on many occasions disregard suspects because they seem nice. O’Toole warns our  “gut instincts” and “intuition” can often fail when it comes to “nice neighbors”. Sleep with one eye open loons and a baseball bat.

Psst OToole has just released a book called Dangerous Instincts, which highlights the fact our gut instincts suck!

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