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Friggin Internet Connection

I am still alive but have NO FRIGGIN INTERNET  #@$%^&*(). Can someone please explain to me how you can receive technical support from someone in INDIA? I have now gatecrashed a friend’s computer so should have some crap to say soon! #$%^&*()

FU Bigfrigginpond

UPDATE I spent over an hour with some stranger in a strange land trying to get the answer to just one simple question ” Is there is a problem with internet connections in my area ?”  I have had this problem a few times before and each time it has been a friggin problem in the area.  Will they listen? No! Will they tell you there is a problem in the area? No!  Do they friggin care? Obviously not because I spent the whole morning going around in circles with some invisible voice in a country, far, far away.  I had to check my modem 20 friggin times  and unplug it (despite all the friggin lights being green), then I had to change my friggin password  3 friggin times (WTF for?????) . Hello, my internet was working perfectly fine when I toddled off to bed, so unless some  friggin internet fairy was f***ing with my modem in the wee hours, I would conclude THAT AINT THE PROBLEM! In the end I was continually put on hold while Mr Monotone voice went off in search of a solution.  I hung up.

Psst Oh and surprise , surprise, it was a friggin problem in the area!


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