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Flaming Snake

OK, here’s the thing lady. When you see a nasty old snake slithering around your yard, don’t be pouring no gasoline on it and setting it alight as it may just end up burning your house friggin down. Snakes are like that. No word on what type of snake became a moving flame but it ignited a brush pile which created a bigger fire which then resulted in her and her neighbor’s house catching fire.


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TV Host Sets Magician’s Head Alight

American magician, Wayne Houchin, is recovering from serious burns after a host on a Dominican Republic TV show deliberately set his head on fire. The host used a liquid called Aqua De Florida on Houchin during an unscripted prank which resulted in a Pepsiesque disaster.


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Arsonists Will Be Arsonists!

You know what I hate? When you go to investigate a fire and someone sets your arson van alight. I really friggin hate that. An investigator for the Denver Fire Department was at the scene of a two car fire when someone snuck up on his van and set it alight. Hmm, now it’s a three car fire investigation I guess.


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The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Screaming!

Hoop dreams no more

A 12 year old Austrian boy had to be bolt cut from a basketball hoop by firemen after he was dared to  climbing through it at a playground in Vienna and got himself stuck. The week before a 13 year old suffered major burns after he and a mate poured petrol on a playground slide, set it alight and then slid down it in an attempted to put out the flames. It didn’t end well, not only did his pants catch on fire so too his undies. Burning ring of fire!

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It’s Karma I Say

The moral of the story is don’t try siphoning gas from a Salvation Army van or you might just catch alight. Don’t believe me? Well just ask the two people outside the Tacoma church parking lot who tried.

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That’s a Bomb

Boy ignites after filling balloon with lighter fluidThis is  wrong on so many levels. A boy from Sacramento is in hospital after he was allegedly ignited by his friend. The two were mucking around with water balloons when they decided to fill one with lighter fluid. Unfortunately the balloon burst covering one of the kids with highly flammable liquid. Enter second child, who decided to set his friend on fire. After the flames were doused the kid lit him up one more time!

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