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Bad, Bad Kitty

Two pet kittens , Jesse and Dora, are the potential culprits in a Greater Manchester house fire which caused £250,000 of damage. Investigators believe the felines walked across a touch sensitive cooker when left home alone by their owners, setting off the blaze. Both little kitties died in the inferno.


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There Goes The Neighborhood

My Bad?

What’s worse than a 3 year old with a blow torch? Hmm, just about nothing! Police are investigating the trail of destruction left by a toddler  allegedly  wielding a handheld blowtorch. The little snowflake,wearing  only a tee, was reportedly seen walking down Route 388 in Shenango with his trusty blowtorch. When the smoke settled he had set fire to his garage,  burned a neighbor’s porch swing, a knob on a septic tank, a broom , a sliding door and singed a gas grill. When the police eventually found the little flame thrower and took him home nobody answered the door. Evidently mom was asleep having worked a night shift. Bless!


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Villawood Detention Centre Goes Up In Smoke

Oh for crying out loud when will the Australian Government grow some balls and send the trouble making “asylum seekers” back from whence they came. Imagine all the homeless people these detention centres could have housed instead of these ungrateful bastards who set fire to property funded by taxpayers. It’s a disgrace and the government should hang their collective heads in shame. We are a generous nation that does more than its fair share in helping these people and this is the thanks, setting fire to multi million dollar buildings. Oh and lets not forget the genuine asylum seekers who this will  inevitably affect. We need to take a good hard look at the people we want here. These protesters are bullies and have no respect for us or our country, send them home.

Psst Thanks to the Gillard government all illegals who have been rejected have the right to fight the decision in the high courts. The back log will take years!


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That Stinks!

Ewh, ewh, ewh, Rasheen Harrison, smearing poo on your pregnant ex-girlfriend’s door and setting it alight, while naked, is no way to go through life.  Police said Harrison allegedly stripped naked and shat in the elevator before wiping the feces on his ex’s door and setting it alight. It is also believed he set fire to himself  before  shouting  “I’m the devil”. Harrison was eventually  found by firefighters naked in the hallway with poop still on his hands. Later, while in his cell, he continued his feces painting exploits along the walls at the 120th Precinct.


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Hope You Didn’t Get Half!

You know things didn’t end well when a man used his divorce papers to burn down his estranged wife’s beauty salon. Shawn Gawronski allegedly admitted to police he poured gasoline throughout the Frenchtown salon and then used his divorce papers to get the fire started. Hmm, there goes any chance of reconciliation but you do get an arson, violation of a protection order and criminal mischief  charge for your troubles!

Want sauce with that?


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