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Ding, Ding, Ding, Fatberg Right Ahead

Fatberg found in London sewerJust like the iceberg took out the Titanic a “fatberg” nearly took out a suburb in London. The “fatberg”, aka an enormous clump of cooking fat and sanitary wipes, was found clogging the drain under a road in Kingston. The nasty messy was over 15 tonnes (size of a bus) and had reduced the sewer capacity to 5%. Left any longer the fatberg could have unleashed a torrent of raw sewage from the manholes, the likes the world has never seen.


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French Folly

How’s your luck? You go to an undergound carpark in France so you can secretly siphon waste oil into a drain and you accidentally drop your wallet, slip and get your head stuck in the sewer! Life’s a bitch huh? Worse still, you have to stay stuck in that position all night until someone finds you all cold and hypothermiated (probably not a word but anywho) with your feet sticking up in the air. By now you are thinking “phew”, right?  Not so fast mister. When police arrive and notice you’ve been doing a bit of siphoning they book you. Don’t you know that is an offence which carries up to two years jail and a $97,000 fine. Hello,  life’s a bitch or is that la bitch?


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Smell Before You Buy

This is some good shit!

Attention people of Arizona, you might want to think twice before taking another puff on your joint. Seems smugglers may be using sewer pipes to transport marijuana from Mexico to the US. Two feces covered bales of marijuana were discovered on a rope feeding into the system following a complaint about a clogged sewer.

Psst Dear lord, have none of you smugglers heard of a plastic bags ?

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Just Say No

Let this be a warning to anyone planning to smoke PCP and marijuana  then gnaw on a few magic mushrooms, you might end up naked in a 40ft sewer hole. Eugene Gimzelberg did just that and he had to be hauled out of a sewer hole naked (except for one shoe and a few major injuries from the plunge)  by the Gilbert Fire Department. Awkward!

Want sauce with that?


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Drug Smuggler Does a Sewer Tour

Oh shit!

You pretty much know where you are on the food chain when you have to wear scuba gear and wade through a friggin sewer system to sneak two bundles of marijuana across the Mexican border. Friggin close to the bottom.  Those damn pesky  border patrol agents, with their sporty new infrared cameras, watched the sucker carry the bundles in waste high sludge. As soon as the sewer rat, in his scuba gear, realized he’d been sprung he took no chances and dropped the shit and took off back in the general vicinity of Mexico. The marijuana was estimated to be worth about $44,000.

Psst For goodness sakes people just remember when taking drugs it is highly likely it was up someone’s butt, dragged through a sewer or hidden in a dead animal!


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