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What Letter?

Oh dear, the Vatican maybe in a spot of bother after a 1997 letter from the Vatican to  Ireland’s Catholic bishops  reared it’s ugly head, warning them not to report suspected child abuse cases to police. The letter, now in the hot little hands of the Irish broadcasters RTE, allegedly advises the Irish church not to help police in identifying pedophile priests but to let the church handle all allegations and to decide punishments in house. The letter could potentially open up a  floodgate of lawsuits worldwide against the Vatican who have long denied any involvement in sex abuse cover-ups.

Want sauce with that?


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Just Another Reason To Hate Friggin Clowns

OMG, just when you thought clowns only scared the shit out of you at night, there comes this  story out of Washington. Fonzie the Clown has been charged with a sex offence on a 14 year old girl. It is alleged that Fonzie (aka Alphonso Pittman) had  “placed both his hands up the front of her dress” after pulling money out of his pocket and saying  “How much you worth?”. The clown has been sitting in a Washington DC jail for three weeks as he is still on probation for another sex abuse incident which happened in 2006. The clown will never learn.


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