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DIY Sex Change

OK people this is probably something you shouldn’t try at home. A British man attempted a DIY testicle removal in  a bid to change his sex. Yes and when he was done he  hurled them into a park. Twenty four hours later he rolled up to a hospital where he was greeted by horrified staff. Doctors believe the man may have been suffering from a “gender confusion problem”  and advised him to seek psychiatric help after they finished stitching him up. People have been reluctant to walk their dogs in the park since the incident, worried their dogs may fetch the wrong ball!


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How I Met Your Mother

Remember the killer who had a taxpayer-funded sex change operation and then fought to be sent to a womens prison? Come on, sure you do? Oh well, anywho she’s getting married to a lesbian murderess. The prisoner, previously known as Douglas Wakefield, is tying the knot with Thelma Purchase who is serving a life sentence for murder too (hmm, something in common). Wakefield was originally jailed (as a man) for strangling is uncle, then beating him with a hammer before stabbing him 48 times with a garden fork. Then while in Parkhurst Prison he killed an inmate and twice took prison officers hostage. Meanwhile, the bride got her comeuppance by murdering a disabled man so she could get her hands on £70,000. Now the two will live happily ever after behind bars at New Hall Prison in west Yorkshire, bless.


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Sex Change Curse


WTF. A communtiy service announcement to the person in Malaysia who stole the ashes of an African witch doctor, return the friggin flowerpot or you are about to have an involuntary sex change! At du Plooy, who is the grandson of the deceased woman witchdoctor, says he is a medium and that dearly departed granny has put a 1km curse around the pot after it was stolen!  Now, because she is so pissed, the culprit and anyone in that vacinity will gradually change from male to female or vice versa if the pot isn’t returned! Dear god, you can do that (imagine how much money could be saved on surgery…if only!). OK loons, I know what you are thinking, why doesn’t the granny spirit just tell Du Plooy where her ashes are, she’s a witchdoctor he’s a medium right ? That’s what Patrica Arquette would do! Hmm, but Du Plooy said he thought so too, but granny told him she isn’t familiar with the area it was taken to! Fair enough, she is a woman!

Psst Who puts ashes in a flowerpot? Hmm, more to the point, who would steal a flowerpot?


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Too Hard To Handle

12 year old boy becomes a girlOK, this is a terribly sad story that has been handled very badly. A 12 year old boy has rocked up to a secondary school in the UK as a girl, after deciding he wanted to have a sex change.The parents believed that the best time for their son’s transition was when he/she went from primary school to secondary in the hope no one would notice. WRONG! It wasn’t long before students from his primary school recognized him and spread the word. Hmm, seems he/she’s parents had everything sorted, name change (by deed poll), appearance change, school notification etc…hmm, except for one slight problem, no one bothered to inform the parents. Who, after he turned  up at secondary school as a she, were bombarded with questions from their curious and confused kids. Awkward.One upset mum said “They behaved appallingly by throwing this hand grenade into the room and then leaving the inevitable questions about it for unprepared parents.”

The boy in question was often  teased in primary school because he wore a bikini instead of trunks , dried himself on Barbie towels, rode a pink scooter and wore pink ribbons in his hair (yep, that will do it!). Now it seems the teasing will continue.

Psst What a brave kid!


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