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Ferris Bueller’s Dean Didn’t Do His Homework!

Remember the actor Jeffery Jones who played the role of Ferris Bueller’s high school dean in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? No? Well, a few years back he got himself on the sex offenders registry after he took sexually explicit photos of a 14 year old boy. Sheez, that will get you on the list every time! Anywho, he’s been arrested again for failing to update his registration as a sex offender. What, you have to do it yourself?


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I’m Just Saying

Not so lucky in the US huh?

Scott Zirus the West Australian scout leader who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting 3 young boys in Texas while on a international exchange program was handed down a 40 year sentence (eligible for parole in 20). Had he not accepted a plea deal he would have faced the possibility of spending life behind bars. Take note Australia, you’d be lucky to get that for murder here! When Mr Zirus completes his jail sentence  he’ll immediately be deported back to WA to face similar charges against four other victims discovered after a police  investigation following his US arrest. Hmm, no doubt he’ll have it a lot more lenient (if he’s convicted at all!)


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Escapees 2, Police 0

Raymond Warford

WTF is going on in Australia today? In Victoria there is a massive manhunt for Raymond Warford a notorious sex offender who , supposedly under strict supervision, simply walked out of the back door of a suburban cafe. The state’s worst sex offender told his prison escorts he needed to go to the toilet and just never returned. His convictions include abduction and rape of children.
Over in Western Australia the Aboriginal man Colin Little who terrorized motorist and the public for two hours with several high speed chases yesterday, escaped from police custody today while he was being escorted from the hospital. The man who was spitting up blood and complaining of chest pains bolted from his wheelchair causing a massive manhunt.


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Sleep With One Eye Open

OMG, a Tasmanian judge Robert Benjamin has ordered two young girls to spend weekends with their father, despite the fact he is a sex offender. The judge conceded that they would probably need protection at night so has requested the father put locks on the girl’s bedroom. The girls, aged eight and ten, must share the same room at night for added protection and an “adult friend” must also be present. The judge believes that the sexual abuse risk is “diminished when they are awake and alert”. Daddy was convicted of three child pornography offences in 2007 and the Family Court also found he had asked one of the girls to join him in bed and had “demonstrated affection toward her in a way that was, in all the circumstances, inappropriate for a child of that age”. Great, and who takes  responsibility if anything happens to one of those girls?


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Corn Oil Flasher At Large

Be warned, he could be slippery

OK people, if you happen to come across Larry D Booker in your travels, be careful he could be slippery. Mr Booker is a known flasher and likes to cover himself with corn oil. He is now wanted by the Kansas City police for  parole violation after he failed to report in to his probation officer, register as a sex offender or bother to enter a treatment program.  Mr Booker has been caught three times in three years doing what he does best whilst lathered in oil. The dry skin excuse failed to impress neither police nor the women he exposed himself to!


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Stick It Up!

Oh dear god, say it ain’t so. A jailed rapist who is having problems getting it up is receiving penile erection treatment compliments of the Aussie taxpayers. Known as a serious sex offender, John Powch is currently serving 9 years for sexual assault. Prison officers escorted him to hospital where he had an “on table erection test”. Hmm, do they have “on table castration test” by any chance? In some countries when a rapist gets an erection malfunction they call it karma!

Psst Oh and I forgot to mention that in the 70’s Powch and Ivan Milat (serial killer) were buddies that robbed banks together.


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Paedophile Pensioner Gets Viagra on the NHS

Huh and you thought I was nuts!

Huh and you thought I was nuts!

WTF. A paedophile pensioner with a 30 year history of abusing little kiddies has been prescribed Viagra on the National Health System (NHS) in the UK. Bless! Roger Martin who is 71 simply went to his GP and asked for it because he suffers from diabetes (evidently that helps!). And guess what? There isn’t a single thing anyone can do about it! Probation officers who are assigned to Mr Martin are just shaking their heads in disbelief. To make the situation all the more disturbing Mr Martin has just this week escaped a jail sentence after assaulting an 11 year old last year because the judge believed he ‘wouldn’t be able to cope’ behind bars.WTF Nanny State? Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson said: “This is a bizarre and outrageous example of where common sense gets thrown out of the window in preference to so-called human rights and political correctness.”

Psst You know I sometimes wonder whether this is all done deliberately to keep the well oiled machine going. Pedophile re-offends, police arrest him, judge keeps him out of jail, doctor prescribes Viagra, he re-offends, police arrest him…. Now everyone is happy and all their jobs are safe!


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Honor Among Thieves



In the hierachy of crime, burglars are pretty much up front dudes. So when a couple of thieves broke into a house in North Yorkshire and discovered disturbing child porn images on the computer they stole, they did what any horrified citizen would do, they handed it in to authorities. Yes, via a tip off, the burglars lead the cops to the offending laptop. Richard Coverdale is now in jail and the thieves, who were later caught, were given 12 months community orders and a nice big thank you from authorities.


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