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Date Rape

OMG, what the? No one said anything about dating websites having rapists and sex offenders as their clientelle. Evidently they do/ did because Hollywood screenwriter and author Carole Markin was hooked up with Alan Wurtzel on Match.com and he  turned out to have at least 6 friggin sexual assault convictions. What’s worse he raped the poor woman. She has now successfully sued the company and they have now promised to screen everyone and do proper background checks.


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Get that thing away from me!!!

Holy genital sensors Batman. What is up with British Columbia? Seems for nearly 2 decades young sex offenders have been subjected to genital sensor testing (penile plethysmograph) designed to measure their arousal rates. Here’s how it works, sex offenders as young as 13  are asked to look at nude or semi nude snowflakes and listen to a description of rape, whilst having a monitor attached to their penis.The monitor measures just how turned on the offender gets. Hmm, given they are already deemed a “sex offender”, I would guess , a lot! After years of internal debate about the program it was finally scrapped last month because one of the people administering the test was busted for sexual assault.

Psst No word on when or if any of the data collected has ever been used.


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Tribal Council Has Spoken


WTF, hide your nuts!

What do you do if a group of sex offenders get released from jail and there is nowhere far enough away from schools or playgrounds to place them? Let them live in the woods. Brilliant. Nine sex offenders were told they had to live in a makeshift camp in Georgia because there was nowhere else to put them. Ahmed Holt, the manager of Georgia’s sex offenders administration unit said “While having an offender located in a camp area is not ideal, the greater threat lies in homeless offenders that are not a specified location and eventually absconding supervision with their whereabouts unknown,” Hmm, now if they just whacked an electric fence around them it would be ideal. One of the offenders described the camp scenario as like being a contestant on  the Survivor series.


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