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Sex Romp Compo

Woman injured during sex romp awarded worker's compensation

Wait, you forgot your briefcase

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi. If you’re a bureaucrat and go on a business trip and get injured while having sex in a motel, that’s worker’s compensation right there. The woman, who got clonked in the face by a glass fitting during a sex romp, took the matter to the Federal Court and won the right for compo. Well I’ll be.

Psst Thanks to Craig Berry for reminding everyone how cool it is to live in Oz.



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Jets Scrambled For Sex Romp in Airplane Toilet

Umm, about that air emergency over Detroit, seems a couple were bonking in the toilets. As you were F-16 fighter jets, as you were. The pilot wasn’t taking any chances when crew notified him that three passengers were going back and forth to the toilet. Two fighter jets were scrambled and the plane was escorted to Detroit Airport.  When the plane landed the couple were still in the toilet.

Psst 9/11…really????



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