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Good Job CNN

Awks to be CNN. During a gay pride parade the American news network repeatedly focused on a black flag amongst a sea of rainbow colours believing it was an ISIS flag. Turns out is was a black flag with crude drawings of…wait for it…sex toys. Whoopsie.


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One Hour Dildo Delivery Service

WELL, WELL, WELL, aren’t you guys the entrepreneurial ones? Babeland, a New york City sex store, have teamed up with a bike courier company to create the one hour sex toy delivery service for those frustrated Yankies. And if you are worried about being sprung by the neighbors, no probs, it’s delivered in a discreet looking box. Sheez, I hope batteries are included!!! The company says that  business is banging booming with hotel guests being their biggest fans.

Want sauce with that?


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Sex Toy Therapy for Anorexics

Trust me, I'm a doctor!

Attention all anorexic girls, if your doctor asks to take photos of you using sex toys as part of your therapy to make you feel good about yourself…run!!!!! A Danish doctor told the court the photos police found on his computer were part of his “alternative” therapy for people suffering from eating disorders “Anorexic patients, generally speaking, have a hard time accepting how they look naked. That’s why I took a number of photographs of genitalia to get them adjusted to seeing them,” Hmm, I wonder what  is the ‘alternative’ treatment for a sicko is? Police found over 600 nude photos on his computer. During the case the doctor tried to diss one of the victims who was  testifying against him   “She’s saying it to get attention. She has previously cut herself as a form of self-abuse.” The good old doc made some of the girls sign contracts allowing him to take the images. Dear god, it’s enough to make you eat!

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Made In China

No need to panic loons but Germany is worried about the potential health hazards of plastic sex toys. They want an investigation to make sure dildos, vibrators and other playthings don’t contain dangerous chemicals like phthalate, which can cause infertility and diabetes. Egads!


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