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Julia Gillard is Just As Sexist

Australia’s Prime Minister Miss Julia Gillard , who is staring defeat in the face , launched a new election strategy/campaign entitled “Women for Gillard”,  in an attempt to get female voters on her side. Reason? She has continually tried to label  the opposition leader  Tony Abbott, a misogynist and wants to nuture that view among female voters. Now, in fear of being labelled a misandrist (and sexist)  herself, maybe Miss Gillard should have entitled her campaign “Men and Women for Gillard” ?  Just saying.

Psst I am so sick of politicians attacking each other, get on with running the damn country. So friggin what if Tony Abbott is a  misogynist, his deputy is a friggin woman and he’s MARRIED with DAUGHTERS. This does not affect how someone runs a country. He’s accountable to the people and the party. Hmm, and anywho this is all a bit rich coming from a woman who used the faceless MEN, to stab Kevin Rudd in the back so SHE could gain power without an election. And maybe Miss Gillard you should also take a long hard look at your partner, who made a sexist and racist joke at a recent function, before throwing stones….. I so hate politicians of all persuasions.

2nd Psst Apologies for publishing this on Friggin Loon but all the news websites for some reason aren’t allowing comments.


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Sexist or Smart?

A mayor in a small town in Germany has designated special parking spaces just for men in several car parks because…wait for it…. they are harder to get into.

Psst Don’t worry ladies, they’ll spend most of the time driving around trying to  find them.


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I’m Not Flying With Her!

OK, she's a woman, but the co-pilot is a male!

Who knew air passengers in Mumbai are so fussy and sexist? A plane was delayed at the Delhi airport for one and a half hours due to slight fog and  a “mentally unsound” passenger. Seems, when a middle-aged man discovered the pilot was a female he wanted to get the hell off. A passenger sitting next to him said he began muttering “She can’t take care of the house, how will she take care of a plane? It took 40 minutes for the ground staff  to convince the man to stay on the flight.

Psst If I was the pilot I would make it one bad-assed hell ride!


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Mel Gibson Rant

Surprise, surprise, it didn’t take long for the tape of Mel Gibson’s rant with ex girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva to hit YouTube. What, you haven’t heard it? Sheez, here is the dance remix version of it.


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Oh What a Feeling!

And the winner of epic fail this week goes to Toyota for letting this ad slip through the cracks! Dear god, it isn’t everyday you hear incestuous, degrading and sexist in a sentence. This commercial was the winner of Toyota’s Clever Film competition but was pulled the moment the backlashing began.

Psst The commercial is titled Clean Getaways for the added fail factor!


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