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Introducing The Leopard

Anthony Weiner admits to more sextingOnce a Weiner always a Weiner. Seems the chance of Anthony Weiner becoming New York mayor is slipping through his hands (no pun intended). The dude, who had to resign from Congress in spectacular form in 2011 when he admitted sexting to women on the net while his wife was pregnant, has held a press conference to advise voters that there’s more. Yep, he didn’t quite quit the sexting after his ousting. Awkward. His wife continues to stand by her hubby and he continues to run for mayor. Double awkward.


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You Sexted Your Entire Address Book?

A word of warning to those of you who like sexting. Be very careful not to fat finger it to everyone in your phone address book, because that’s a jailing right there. A swimming coach in the UK found himself facing 18 months jail after he inadvertently sent a message, intended for his girlfriend (asking for sex “skin on skin”), to everyone on his Blackberry smartphone including family, friends and two girls aged 13 and 14. The fact he sent the message to two minors saw him face court, as it wasn’t clear who the message was intended for. Luckily for him he was granted an appeal and the judge suspended his sentence .


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Doctors and Nurses

Well, well, well, two children, a boy and a girl are facing child exploitation and possession of child pornography charges after being caught “sexting” naked photos of each other. OMG, the students aged 13 and 12 were busted over an incident at their school, the Ben Franklin Middle School in Valparaiso. He sent her his “exposed genitals” and she returned the favor.

Psst Lucky records are wiped when they turn 18 because it won’t look good on their resumes!


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