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You Are Whose Nephew?

Remember John Wayne Gacy, that creepy clown dressing serial killer? Yeah, well, his nephew has just been sentenced to 24 years for sexually assaulting a 12 year old girl. Raymond Kasper is now claiming his harsh sentence was due to his connection with Gacy. Hmm, ya think? Lawyers are pushing for a retrial because the girl recanted her story while on the witness stand, claiming she may have dreamed it all up,  but then again a doctor  the who examined her said she had injuries consistent with sexual abuse.

Want sauce with that?


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Tag, You’re It!

OMG, a 6 year old snowflake has been accused by his California elementary school of sexual assault while playing tag with his best friend . Evidently, during their little romp in the playground Oswin brushed his friends leg/groin. Next thing he knows , he’s in the principal’s office, where he is plonked  for two hours until he confesses. The principal then suspended Oswin and placed a sexual battery charge on his permanent school record. Can they do that, without police involvement? It wasn’t until the parents lawyered up did the Hercules school remove the claim. Needless to say Oswin is playing tag at another school.

Psst The snowflakes should be grateful they weren’t playing Twister!!!


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Syracuse University Assistant Coach Accused of Child Molestation

Seriously, the Universities in the US are becoming worse than the Catholic Church for child molesting allegations. Following hotly behind the Pennsylvania State University football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky scandal, is the Syracuse University. Seems assistant basketball coach , Bernie Fine, has been accused of molesting two teen boys (who are now adults). Police and detectives raided his home on Friday afternoon,  seizing hundreds of photographs.


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Craigslist Babysitter Fail

OK, one more time people, do not and I repeat do not, get a male babysitter you found on Craigslist to go anywhere near your kids, (including a 6 year old girl) unless he has a friggin police clearance, legitimate references you can phone and a damn good reason why at 32 he wants to babysit kids!!!! Urgh, Steven Knox allegedly sexually assaulted the 6 year old girl at his home (WTF?..at HIS home??????). Seriously people!!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Cricket Commentator Jumps To His Death

Yesterday I was sadden to hear of the death of veteran cricket commentator Peter Roebuck, now I discover he jumped from a 6 storey window while being questioned by police in Cape Town. Initial reports say the matter is being treated as suicide and alcohol was not involved. The police were apparently questioning him over a sexual assault allegation. RIP.


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Inconvenient Lie?

Holy inconvenient truth Batman, I can’t image “crazed poodle sex”, Mr Gore. According to Molly Hagerty, a massage therapist, former US Vice President is a pervert and a sexual predator who sexually assaulted her. Oh and in a Monica lewinsky-esque move, Molly says she has DNA to prove it. Oh but wait, there’s more, now that she’s blabbed to the National Enquirer it seems authorities are going to investigate the claims. Might want to consider going down to Louisiana and help clean them oil soaked pelicans for awhile Al!

Psst The incident supposedly happened in 2006. Could this be a case of fame whore envy?


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Welcome To My Worst Nightmare

Thank god you're here!!!!

Hmm, when Milwaukee police went to investigate an alleged sexual assault at a house they walked right into a friggin nightmare. The house and nearby building were crawling with alligators, snakes, turtles, rodents, spiders and one thankful chicken! At least 5 anaconda snakes were slithering around the rooms unconfined. Hmm, a woman has been charged with intentionally mistreating animals which  could only mean one thing…animals + alleged sexual assault =OMG!

Psst See, this is why the whole Noah’s Ark thing wouldn’t have worked out well!


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